How to Keep Your Visitors on Your Site

Does your web site's visitors keep on hitting the back button on their browser without even thinking twice and never come back? More often then not, visitors are leaving fast as they came and forcing the web site owner to have to relook over their web site. So, how do you keep your visitors coming back and staying longer? Below is a list of the top three reasons why your visitors are not coming back to your web site

Easy and fast navigation is a must. Visitors won't be able to get around if they don't understand the navigation system you have setup. Put the navigation system where the visitors expect it to be. Navigation should be placed at the top or on the left side of the web site, these spots are popular places to place the navigation at and for good reason too, they are visible spots and almost all visitors will see it.

Other spots such as the right side recently have become somewhat popular, but isn't a good spot to have navigation at, I would only use it if it was a must or as a secondarily navigation system. Also adding navigation to bottom isn't a bad idea, since some visitors will end up at the bottom of the page anyway, but should never be the main navigation system because the visitors would have to scroll down to view it.

Visitors want what they are looking for fast and when I say fast I mean now. One of the best ways to allow your web site's visitors to find things fast is by adding search for your web site. It's also one of the greatest ways to allow visitors to find exactly what they are looking for. Remember that it's just as important to provide good results as it is to provide one in the first place.

Newsletter is one of the most effective methods of marketing on the internet. A newsletter enables you to build a relationship with your visitors and create trust, there is nothing more important to a visitors then trust. The newsletter becomes a daily part of their life, making them rely on you as a major source of information for that topic. Sometimes internet surfers forget about a great web site, with a newsletter you remind them each time you send it out about your company.

Content is said to be king, but is it really? Yes and no! Content on it's own won't market your web site, but it can keep your current visitors coming back for more. Creating great and unique content on your website is an essential investment that will continue to bring visitors back time after time. Content is the big reason internet surfers visit your web site in the first place.

It's also essential that you make your web site easy to read and use the right writing style. Most internet surfers won't strain their eyes trying to read text that is too small or bright. Visitors also will almost never read a full article, instead they scan the page for the information they are most interested in, so it's important to have text breaks, use good colors and short sentences, something that can be read fast.

Matt Colyer began as a SEO Specialist in 1997. He founded Superior Webmaster in 2004 as a source of articles and tutorials for Web site owners looking to improve their Web site.

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