Link Building Secrets - Promote Your Website with a Proven Tactic

Building links to your website is of huge importance and something you should focus on significantly if getting ranked high in the search engine results is important to you. If you have a website, then more than likely getting a high ranking is of utmost importance. However, you might not know the best way to go about increasing your links. Consider the following suggestions in order to build your links and promote your website.

Suggestion #1 - Reciprocal Link Manager Software

You can always work on gaining reciprocal links on your own, however if you are very busy then a reciprocal link manager software will be of utmost importance to you because it will initiate and setup your new links and then maintain them as well. The software will continue requesting new links for your websites and inform you when links have been added as well as delete any old links that are no longer working.

Suggestion #2 - Weigh Your Popularity

Since the amount of links to your website ultimately determines your websites popularity with many search engines, it is important to have a lot of links. However, you need to know where your website stands in the search engine rankings in order to see how much work you need to do to increase and maintain that popularity rating. There are software programs that will help you do this and it is certainly a smart idea to monitor your link popularity progress.

Suggestion #3 - Secrets to Link Building

While software can take a lot of the work out of increasing your links, there is one great secret to link building you should keep in mind. That secret is the personal touch. If you send an email to a webmaster complimenting them on their website and provide a good reason why you want them to link to your page, you will have a good chance of receiving your request. Keep this in mind and pinpoint the top 25 websites you are most interested in having a link to your page, then make the effort to personally contact them rather than through software. It will be more effective.

There are many ways to increase your link popularity and you'll end up with a highly ranked website because of it. However, keep in mind that the personal touch will certainly go a long way and sometimes it is the only way to get the links you really want. Let your software do the grunt work on the regular list of websites you want to contact for links, but the really important ones go after yourself.

This in itself is a tactic like no other, especially in a world when everything is computerized and run by technology. Remember, people are still behind those keyboards and when you make personal contact, you do yourself and your website a favor.

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