Reciprocal Link Exchanges - A Foolproof Technique That Will Never Die

On the Internet, links are very important for websites to accumulate because they have such a heavy bearing on a website's relevance and ranking when certain keywords are searched for. As a result, many websites are working hard to get more links to their site than their competitors so they'll have higher rankings. This sounds great in theory, but getting links may seem like a difficult or even impossible task to you. It is not however, because of reciprocal link exchanges.

Every website wants more links so you simply make the offer to trade, that is, you link to them and have them place a link back to you. Of course, there can be some things that stand in your way with this technique, but there are ways you can lessen the likelihood of rejections for a reciprocal link and ways to find certain link partners as well. Read the following tips for more information.

Tip #1 - Identify Websites

The first thing you want to do is identify websites that you would like to link to your website. These can be websites that offer indirectly related products to what you offer on your website, or any website you can think of that would have a market for your products as well. Also, you want websites to link to you that are popular and have a high search engine rankings already because this means they likely have a lot of traffic. The more traffic a website has that links to you, the more likelihood that your site will get traffic from this link. Do your homework and get as many good links as you can.

Tip #2 - Link First

Once you have identified the websites you are interested in linking to, you should then go ahead and link to them first. When you e-mail them, you can simply say that you really like their site and have added a link on your website to theirs and you would appreciate it if they add a link back to you. Then, if they do not link to you within a reasonable period of time you can send a follow-up email, always polite of course! If they still do not link to your website, simply remove their link from your site. This method will work for the majority of websites you proposition.

Tip #3 - Information

When writing e-mails requesting links, make it easy for the webmaster to link to you. People are extremely busy but many are willing to help you if you make it easy for them. If you make it difficult, they will not be as likely to help simply because of the effort it requires. As long as your provide the link you want, the URL, title, and description of your website, you'll have a great chance of getting that new reciprocal link.

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