Promote Your Site through Niche Directories

Maybe you are a Doctor or a lawyer. You've built an excellent web site that looks good, has the potential to make huge sales and is well optimised for the search engines. You have arranged a large number of reciprocal links, you have submitted to all the free directories you could find and submitted articles wherever you could. Now it's time to sit down, relax and wait for the traffic to come flooding in? NO.

As the internet expands it is becoming harder and harder for even the most excellent of web sites to rank well with the search engines. These days it would appear that getting a large number of quality backlinks, with good anchor text, is not a do once and forget operation. Your competitors are out there building links daily so you must keep up.

With the huge and growing number of people online looking for goods and services amongst the mass of related websites, niche directories are coming into play.

Niche directories are usually much smaller and have far fewer listings than regular paid directories and are almost without doubt a lot slimmer than the mass of free directories on the internet. As a webmaster, this is great news as it makes gaining a good, relevant and visible link to your site a lot easier. For visitors, your potential customers, a niche directory offers a handy way of finding what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Although there may be a small cost in submitting to niche directories, their benefit to your site can potentially be huge, offering far greater ROI than, say, a Yellow pages advert or more expensive advertising on a large web site in your genre.

If you feel it is time to gain a Niche Listing for your site then there is a handy categorised list at the author, Lee Munson's site - Niche Directories

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