How To Plant Seeds of Success With Small Business Ideas

Think of all of your business ideas as tiny seeds that have the potential to germinate and grow into huge fruit bearing orchards! However, the proper steps must be taken; you can't scatter the seeds haphazardly on pavement and expect they will germinate. Growing a business is no different; it needs a fertile environment conducive to growth in order to germinate and thrive. Seedlings needs protection from the wind and rain when young, and can withstand hurricane force winds when mature. A business is no different. The strongest businesses are started as a small idea in the mind of an entrepreneur. The idea is then cultivated, nurtured, planted and cared for. It just didn't start out as a large orchard!

So don't think your idea is too small, or too insignificant. Don't think that only the wealthy start companies. This is simply not the case. You are in effect throwing you ideas onto pavement with that type of thinking!

Take the time to imagine the possibilities. Dream. Then ask yourself a few questions. "What is stopping me from realizing this dream?" Be honest. Write down all of the things that you see as obstacles.

The next question to ask your self is, "Can I be successful without these things?" If the answer is no, then the final, and most obvious question is "How can I get these things?" What are all of the possibilities available to me?

Think outside the box, right down ever idea that comes into your head even if it doesn't seem to be practical at the time. Let the thought flow freely. This simple little exercise can get you on the road to success faster than you can imagine.

You have just identified exactly what is stopping you from realizing your dreams. Clearly identifying the problem is half the solution! The answers as to how you will obtain what is stopping you are not always obvious immediately. The key here is to stay focused on the goal of getting what you need. Keep this in front of you every waking minute of every day. You will be surprised at how solutions to that problem will start manifesting. It works every time. Options are there, you just have to be smart enough and dedicated enough and creative enough to find them.

Many, if not most people, have ideas that they didn't cultivate because they didn't look hard enough for the solutions to what was stopping them? Instead, they started destroying the dream telling themselves things like, "It probably wouldn't have worked anyway." "It takes money to make money, and I don't have money." Only you know the exact excuses you have used to destroy your ideas and dreams. If you don't have money, then go find someone that does have money and partner with them! There is always someone out there with the very thing that you need for your idea to germinate!

If you don't take action, someone else will. Many of us have watched someone else with a very similar idea create a successful business. They took action. They didn't tell themselves that it couldn't be done. They just did it. They had the vision, patience, confidence and perseverance to plant that little seed of an idea in fertile ground.

If you want your dream to become a reality, then you need to take that idea and nurture it. Fertilize, water, and stand watch as your infant seedling shoves it fragile antenna-like spears through the ground. Protect the young plant from frost, weeds, insects and hail, until it reaches maturity and you too will be well on your way to harvesting the wonderful fruits of your labor!

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