Passion Is Key To A Successful Business

Passion. Passion alone can make your business successful. As an entrepreneur, you are a passionate person. For why would anyone invest such incredible amounts of time and energy on something they have no REAL desire to do? If you do such a thing, then it's just bullshit. You have built an unreal, superficial way work environment and based on that you most likely are not very satisfied in what you do.

Being passionate means having the inner drive, desires to make your goals and achievements real. An entrepreneur is passionate at heart. He/She loves everything they do and when they work, they do wonders for the world and it shows. Look around at some of these businesses that we are all familiar with. Bath and Body Works, Jamba Juice, Bill Gates, Friendster and so on. They are all fellow entrepreneurs and they are all obviously very successful.

What's made them successful? Let's look at these basic factors. When it all comes down to it, they had an idea. They grew their idea to fruitation and then over time, why just look at what has happen. Turning basically nothing into something is worth some credit. They provide services we as consumers want. But how did it all begin in the first place? With the idea of course. They took the idea and they ran with it. But an entreprenur is passionate about their idea. Why, if these people did not have this passion within them I am sure these businesses would never be existing today.

A passion for making your business happen is what drives the entrepreneurial business. It's a known fact. Passion is a sense of personal power. It is needed for your fuel. It is needed for when you are facing tough challenges, passion is there to help you through. It shows. Just look at the business models of some of these above mentioned companies. A lot of their strategies and successes were based on passions. A passion to grow the idea to fruitation, a passion to open up more businesses, a passion for their customers and so on. When you do your research and break the business models into detail a simply fundamental element that lies behind all these inner workings of the company is based on passion alone.

Without this inner drive, the want, the need for your company, the foundation is nonexistent. Every single successful entrepreneur has had a passion for their idea. And depending how much you have within yourself to grow this passion, mold this type of passion and show it off to the world will determine ones level of attainable success. I can't think of one business that was built without some source of passion. Can you?

About the Author:
Jennifer Lynn is an ecommerce entrepreneur,artist,writer,musician based in New York-Chicago.

She has written and contributed numerous articles online about adult entertainment, entrepreneurship, ecommerce, technology, pop culture, generation x, quarter life and city trends & news.

A highly creative entrepreneur with focus in web marketing, business development and ecommerce. Presently, she is involved in JMR, an online referral biz for artists in the entertainment industry. She also runs other ecommerce sites including an interactive entertainment hub and her own personal site.

Before startin' JMR, Jennifer Lynn was a tech recruiter with a Chicago based start-up company. She's also a professional pianist. Jennifer Lynn received her degree from De Paul University in liberal arts.

When she's not workin' away, you can find her lofting on a beach, into travel, and dabbling in new creative ventures with artists & entrepreneurs around town.

Jennifer Lynn believes passion in doing what ever it is you love to do is the key to one's personal success.

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