Basic Psychology of Franchisee Ownership and Expansion

If you are a franchisee of a large franchise system; before you expand your franchise to include more stores there are some questions you might ask yourself. If, however, you bought your franchise to expand, grow and amass a small empire of your own, your franchisor will be the last person to stand in your way. Franchisors applaud those who are true entrepreneurs and believe in no limits. Your Franchisor will help you achieve your goals, even if they have to be the ones who push you over the top. No matter what your objectives are; for instance; To have a good paying job, more freedom, become rich or build a small empire; your franchisor is there for you in heart and soul. You must choose your destiny, keep them informed every step of the way and remember, the sky is not the limit, the ground is!

Franchisors want you to believe in the American dream like they do and will do everything they can to help you get there. In the United States you get to choose your American dream, what you want out of life. So turn off the T.V. set and decide what you really want, what makes you happy and then go out and get it.

People want things out of life for different reasons. You may be motivated by: ego, wealth, security, freedom, acceptance, love or even just respect.

You need to realize why you bought a franchise for in the first place and what you expect to gain from this purchase. No matter what you do, it will be hard work and as you expand it does not get any easier either. What we are trying to point out is that YOU are the only one who can decide which direction you will take with this business. You should not let anyone else such as: your friends, society, the Media or anyone else influence or manipulate you in any way as to your decision. With that in mind, you should run your life and your business according to your standards, your belief system and the franchisors format and plan no matter what anyone else says.

What are you trying to achieve by expanding your business, will this expansion solve those needs and desires. Think about it.

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