Lawyers Everywhere Telling Regulators What Laws to Make

The Federal Trade Commission decided to sit down and revamp the franchise rule of the 1970's. They started to do it in 1995 and postponed it then had some comments collected in 1997 and then in 1999. One thing, which is very interesting is most all the comments came from attorneys who specialize in either suing franchisors or suing franchisees. A little conflict of interest isn't it. Worse off; the government looks at their comments closely when determining new rules of law. Lawyers are out to make money suing business people, not helping free-enterprise, few of them have ever worked an honest day in their lives.

Why is it that attorney after attorney is commenting on these rules as if they have any real basis in the free market? This is this a mental masturbation of words on paper and the creation of a perfect system of law in franchising that will protect any fool, when in the end only a fool would be willing to participate in it? Over disclosure hurts franchisors allowing for leaks to competition by giving away proprietary information to competitors who may not be in the franchising industry to reciprocate such facts about their company. Such lost data hurts franchisees and puts them at an unfair disadvantage. Such over regulation condemns franchise buyers to a system so rigid it cannot be changed midstream to take advantage of changing consumer trends and desires to remain profitable and adaptable to the innovations of the future.

Let us look an abstract hypothetical; an exmaple, this one from the Detroit, Michigan Area an unlikely place for the World's most successful pizza company. Yes, we speak of Tom Monahan and Dominos Pizza, no they are not in 213 countries like McDonalds; only 177. Tom Monahan went broke twice and filed for bankruptcy, but was able to recover and eventually create 7500 millionaires, no not the 12,500 millionaires that McDonald's created, but the 7500 were created in much less time, thanks to the trail blazers like Ray Kroc, Bob Rosenberg (Duncan Donuts) to model his system after. Why are we suffocating our great entrepreneurs of our present period? Why are we burying them in unnecessary rules and regulations? Think about it.

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