Slip And Fall Professionals; Service Businesses

Since you own a business you probably have liability insurance to help you against a scam of slip and fallers. Some entrepreneurs call them slip and fall professionals. The scout out the area, bring friends as witnesses trip and fall and then file a lawsuit, go to their chiropractor who is best friends with a lawyer and soak you or your insurance company out of tens of thousands of dollars. If you own a service company and you work on site, do not think for one minute you are safe from these insurance scams. In a service company you will have completed operations, Slip & Fall insurance and a large amount of liability insurance, you may find a rare person who thinks they can target you for a lawsuit.

Having been in the mobile car wash business we had people all the time try to scout us out. You'll be washing a car and they'll be looking around for witnesses. As soon as they see them, they'll try to slip on the water from your wash process. We use to tell our crews;

"If you notice someone around your washing area, say aloud 'WATCH OUT, THE WATER'S SLIPPERY'." And once you say that, their case is shot, especially since any near-by witness close enough to see a slip & fall will be able to hear you, too.

But do not think we are the only type of service business they will try this on. Cable, Phone companies and contractors are also obvious targets. These kinds of slip and fall professionals are more likely found in shopping center parking lots and retail outlets, and likely won't be hanging around office buildings or similar complexes. Nevertheless, if you see someone suspicious - or even a woman in high heels walking towards your work vehicle, warn her to be careful as she might twist her ankle. If someone does slip it doesn't mean they are looking to collect money. Ask sincerely if they are ok and offer to help. Usually the problem disappears at that point forever. But be aware they are out there and they are looking for a target. Think about it.

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