Wichita Kansas is a Great Place to Run a Business

We love Wichita because it has great all round weather except during ice storms and the once in a while Tornado threat, which could carry away you best workers to meet Dorothy. 225 sunny days a year snow about 5 days a year. Which makes a Downtown out-door'sy type setting even better.

Wichita easy to cross even in high traffic periods. Traffic to get around town and to the downtown area is also good. It is 28 minutes on Rock Road during non rush hour, 18 minutes on the 35, 14 minutes on the toll way, 21 minutes across the bottom on the Yellow Brick Highway, actually it is full of construction and hard to follow. East side growing nice and good markets near the 96 outer northeast ring road also good East going out of town on 400/54 with new condos and golf course communities. Springdale good and Westside past 235, South in the town of Derby growing from older town to newer town with subdivisions. Rock Road area very good for our type of services even a 24 hour Starbucks next to a huge Krispy Kreme also 24/7 with no locks on the doors, never closes, similar to the five star hotels Castro stole from our US companies. Northeast areas we also like Brookhaven and Lakeside and love Springdale.

We discussed the economic factors with commercial local real estate gurus J.P. Weigard and Son's, the sons were playing golf, got to talk to a secretary and young research person, they publish some great data that might be interesting to anyone thinking of finding out more about the market there, and we found data quite in conflict depending on the source, unemployment figures between 8.1% and as low as 5.4% depending on whose data you have. I think they are trying to hide some stuff, but that is typical of our investigation of the Wealth of out Nation when broken down by region, similar to redistricting for political power or Ross Perots many charts


So many charts to make a point. It is hard to say other than people use figures to make a point, we use them to make decisions and appreciate candor over BS. As far as washing cars we agree that the best mobile car washing and detail customers will surely come from the areas of greatest commercial improvements on North Rock Road as Weigard enlightened us too. On Rock Road were some high end office parks for instance Polo Club Office Park, Premier Office complex-Tech Center and many two-four story office buildings surrounded by the typical specialty box stores, Toys R US, Barnes and Noble, Old Navy, Office Depot, Pets Smart, etc. And sporadically placed around the newer mall was Outback Steak House, Red Lobster and other nicer chain outlets and restaurants. None of which would take away from the Downtown district which is a place to gather and not the same as Box Store type open malls. So the city can get the best of all worlds. With the sales tax base from Box Stores and the "Place to Go" type areas of the downtown areas, which have been revitalized.

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