Small Business Vendors; Getting the Best Service

If you are a small business you know that you must rely on your vendors to make sure you have everything your customers need. Lack of vendor support can lead to upset customers or even loss of your business. Be pleasant and courteous to all vendors and potential vendors. Try and treat vendors like your favorite customers treat you. Do you remember recently when you went out of your way for a customer, the whole time knowing you weren't going to make any extra money by doing so; yet you did, simply because you liked that particular customer. That customer; whether you know it or not, probably told five friends of your gallant effort; something you may not even have thought about. This type of extra concern and effort is hard to come by these days from local business people. You will, from time to time, need this type of gallant service from your vendors, so start now by being extremely pleasant to those you do business with. Remember, also to refer your customers to your vendors whenever the opportunity arises.

Please be nice to your support staff if you own a franchise. Be nice to government code enforcement, even if you suspect they may be the next BTK, as we all know there are many more government workers like that hiding in broad daylight. The people in the local government, your vendors or even at a franchise head quarter's office always have favorites businesses, customers and franchisees. If you ever need something out of the ordinary, and you will, it will be comforting for you to know that they will go out of their way, even though they don't have to, to solve your problem or fulfill your request. So be nice to them. They are doing their best, well for the government workers maybe that is pushing it a bit (okay a lot). If you have an emergency, don't yell at them; especially if you want them to put you at the top of their pile of work. Generally, they will try, but if you yell, don't be surprised if you get placed on the bottom.

Play it smart be nice to vendors, rotten local government workers and any support staff you have. Think on this, be pleasant; start today.

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