Retail Customer Opportunities for Pressure Washing Companies

Pressure washing companies must look for customers in the retail industry to make sure they stay busy. Large Box Stores and Grocery Stores are often you best customers in that regard. Cleaning concrete or doing "flat work" makes sense for a number of reasons, 1.) It is not labor intensive like washing trucks; 2.) Routine scheduled customers make the work extremely easy; 3.) Generally you do not have to worry about not getting paid for work completed, as the corporate offices will pay you, even if they are sometimes a little slow to pay.

Over the past 20-years my company has done well cleaning for grocery store chains and large retailers. Sometimes they have many outlets and they give you a list and you can work thru the night without hassle. Additionally there is a good business to be done in cleaning shopping carts as well; at $1.00 per cart this adds up fast. Since most all of your cleaning is done after hours to reduce the possibility of any public liability is rare although most all corporate customers will expect you to maintain one million in liability insurance. Part of our company's easy sales closures has been due to our:

Strict adherence to scheduling

Low cost to stay within budgets

Expensive equipment (No down time)

Quality workmanship (Do it right the first time)

Longevity of managers and crew-members

If you can concentrate on these items you will have many large corporate customers remain loyal for years on end. Customizing your services to their needs to be your specialty, you must listen and let the company tell you what is to be cleaned and how they expect it to look and then all you need to do is perform. With a pressure washer you can clean almost anything. Things such as:

Delivery Trucks and Vans


Shopping Carts


Loading Docks

Parking Areas

Holiday Window Paint

Cardboard Compactors

Trash Areas

It should also be noted that when you are looking over these stores you will find additional cleaning needs. If it is simple you should do it and tell them it has been done, as sort of fringe benefit. If it is something large let them know that; "we found a few areas we know that you are concerned about such as:" and you will find yourself with extra work. Always ask for referrals and invite the company to please call if they would like you to bid on anything else. Think on this and Wash On!

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