Mobile Pressure Washing and Cleaning Scheduling

If you own a mobile car washing, pressure washing or auto detailing business you know that when your crews and machines are parked and working that you are making money. You also know that when those units and crews are driving or stuck in traffic you are losing your shirt in costs and inefficiencies. If you are to expand your mobile washing business to multiple units running in multiple cities you will need to have a strict scheduling policy and operations manual to insure that efficiencies are maintained. Today with the highest fuel costs ever in our nation's history and the increased traffic over the last five years it is ultra critical that you plot out your routes, customer locations and time with precision.

Below is an outline to help you design a policy or scheduling manual to maintain this high level of efficiency. Go ahead and print this out and then modify it to fit your business and those types of services you are currently capable of or wish to service in the near future. Once you have an outline, which is more representative to your business than ours depicted below, you can then put pen to paper and write out two to three paragraphs on each item. Once this is done you will have a complete and workable rough draft to use in the formation of your scheduling policy, which you can turn into a manual. This will prevent your managers from making bad scheduling errors and keep everyone on the same page. Think on this.



A. Percent's Of Types Of Services

B. Day Vs. Night

C. Labor Factors

D. Personal Cars


A. Rental Cars

B. Realtors

C. Stock Brokers

D. Hair Salons

E. Salesmen

F. Service Cars

G. Other


A. Federal Express

B. Post Offices

C. Bread Trucks

D. Nights

E. Weekends

F. Contractors

G. Service Vans

H. Newspapers

I. Ride Share Vans


A. Private

B. FBO'S, Corporate

C. Airlines

D. Flight Schools


A. Rain

B. On Site

C. Nights

D. Weekends

E. Labor

F. Etc.








A. Colleges

1. Monday-Wednesday-Friday

2. Nights

3. Weekends

B. Day Labor

C. Regular Labor

1. 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

2. Nights

D. Pay Scales

1. Weekends

2. Nights

3. Managers


A. Same Day

B. Re-Schedule

C. High Demands


A. Poor Weather Services

B. Types Of Services

C. Expected Cash Flow

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