Why Clean Mobile Homes for a Business?

Manufactured and Mobile Home owners know that the weather this year will be quite harsh. It's imperative these owners to clean out rain gutters and debris from on top of their homes. They realize that they must thoroughly wash off this summer's dirt so they do not have drip marks on the sides of their cottages this winter. They must eliminate the mold buildup, and unsightly stains. Those mobile homes which have not been cleaned all Winter must have their rain gutters cleaned so when Hurricane remnants dump massive amounts of water in a region the roofs do not collapse. It is equally important to clean the bottom of the eaves and carport to prevent mold spots from forming.

When you show up with a pressure washer in a mobile home park this is your chance to help these folks have the cleanest, most well kept mobile home in their park. Since cleaning mobile homes is such a good business you need to advise customer to act now before the weather gets you past the point of no return. Before more Hurricane weather drives in torrential rains and again in October for the East Coast and December on the West Coast before winter hits. In the West after January most companies will be very busy with emergency rain gutter clean outs and will be booked several weeks in advance. Our company has often had waiting lists and then simply had to turn away customers.

What can you charge for these services? You should offer early customers a 30% Savings and charge them $82.50 for a Double Wide and $102.50 for a Triple Wide. Additionally offer interior windows and screens with the wash for $ 20.00 extra. We recommend charging less for two or more mobile homes or an additional 10% savings each for each with a Senior Citizen Discount of 10%.

You should also make all your prices with expiration dates as mobile home dwellers and owners are known for their procrastination. On your advertising you might mention:

"This price is good only until January 15th. Normal prices will be charged after that date. Last chance to get the 30% discount is on January 15th at 5:00 pm."

This is a common practice if you use Money Mailer type coupon direct mail advertising campaigns by zip code. Be sure to alert your customers that you use specially formulated biologically and environmentally safe detergents. Let them know that they won't leave black algae spots on their home three weeks after the job has been completed.

Makes sure they know you are a legitimate business as so many fly by night groups feed of the senior citizens and elderly. You need to mention that your company does maintain current business licenses, wastewater permits and insurance. You are also advised to tell them that your crews are clean cut, all-American, athletic, hard working young men with positive attitudes. Tell those customers of your equipment and that it is state-of-the art and your love your customers. Of course you must make sure all that is true, if it is not perhaps you can lower your price until you build your business up to the point you can wash many mobile homes per day. Wash On !

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