Three Steps To Windows Safety Heaven

Now there are Three Steps To Heaven
Just listen and you will plainly see
How virus and hackers attack and destroy
Your precious internet-connected computer toy
Just follow steps one, two and three

Step one ? Run windows update automatically each day
Step Two ? Always keep your antivirus running and updated
Step Three ? Install and configure a firewall

Faster Virus

Today can many viruses find and infect a computer connecting to internet in less then 5 minutes, even if the computer connects to internet using a modem. And how much time will the 24/7 connected computer not give the bad guys?

So leaving a computer without proper protection is not advisable.

What to do?

There are measures one can do to bring down the risk of intrusion, virus attacks and similar, to a level so low that it is acceptable even for a large corporation.

1. Use Microsoft Windows update. With an internet connection like dsl or adsl (continuous), set windows update too automatically to run each day. For modems, try to run it every time you go online.

2. Keep a good antivirus program installed (there are good commercial as well as free choices). Equally important, check the virus definition dates at least a couple of times per week. Making sure they really are updated.

3. Use a firewall. Buy a cheap hardware firewall. But remember that they only protect from incoming threats. For a two way protection, get a software firewall. Almost all software firewalls can protect you from incoming and outgoing unwanted traffic. However, it does this at the cost of a more complicated configuration.

Can you secure a computer completely?

Not if you attempt to use it for normally. Even military grade security has problems maintaining the security intact. There are just too many variables to consider.

So, keep important personal information encrypted or on a computer without network access (look at Paris Hilton in the news. She had her computer stolen with very, very personal information in it).

Companies should also make sure that they have addressed point 1-3 above.

Final Notes

There is something called backup! Everybody has heard it, most know what it is and only a few selected use it. I will say this only once.

Make regular backups on all-important data. This way can you at least restore it after reinstalling your computer (if viruses have a party in it).

Follow the advices outlined here and you will at least be three steps closer to heaven!

Kenth "The Designer" Nasstrom is the founder of The Designed Software Series. His software can be found at and he also owns as well as

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