Falling in Love With More Than One Screensaver: The Fun Part

Having from five to ten and more favorite screensavers is cool. But how do you enjoy them all in a straightforward and convenient way? Draw the power you need from the little yet useful tools discussed in this article!

As you remember, earlier in my article What to Do if You Fall in Love With More Than One Screensaver we discussed the standard way of switching between multiple screensavers. Having that possibility is a pleasure indeed. Just imagine that your operating system doesn't let you easily vary screensavers to suit your mood. You'd be forced to uninstall the installed screensaver, and then install a new one. Avoiding this effort would lead you to a fabulous triumph of utter boredom! Thankfully, it's not the case. Furthermore, as you will see, there are tools that make switching between your favorite screensavers a breeze.

As strange as it may sound, computers were created to make our lives easier. Really, they are very good at automating repeating and boring tasks. And now is the very moment to remind them of that.

Imagine your innermost dream. You just sit doing nothing and your computer, your dutiful servant, takes care of your problem without your slightest intervention. All what is left to you is to enjoy the fruits of its labor. Nice, huh? Ta-da! Enter Random Screensaver!

If you have never heard about Random Screensaver, fear not! "Random" here has nothing to do with a random and unpredictable mess on your screen. It's the first little tool that will help you drive away the boredom of manually switching between your favorite screensavers.

The idea behind the tool is simple yet very useful. Random Screensaver is not a screensaver in the first place. It wears this disguise to take control each time the operating system says it's a perfect moment to start the screensaver. Once in control, the tool looks at the list of available screensavers and asks a random performer from the list to start its show.

That's it! If you install Random Screensaver, you will never have to switch your savers manually. Each time a different screensaver will start. All your favorites will get a regular outing!

Oh! I've forgotten to tell you the most important thing. Random Screensaver is completely free, and you can download it from this page:


There you will find two different versions: "Quick download" and "Full installation." The first one is a bare screensaver file and is very small. The second is a self-extracting installation package that will do all the installation work for you, but it's much bigger. If you don't want to waste your time downloading the bigger package, it's time to recall my previous article What You Should Know About Installing Screensavers. There you can get the knowledge needed to install the bare screensaver file.

Now that we have solved our primary problem, I can hear some of my readers start grumbling. If you are one of them, I know what's bothering you. Remember in the beginning of this article I said how bad it would be if you could not match your mood with running screensavers? But Random Screensaver knows nothing about your feelings. It simply runs a random screensaver. Well, there still is a cure for those of you who can't stand this disease.

The second tool I would like to tell you about is AllSaver! Although not free, it's a perfect cure for the second problem. It works much like Random Screensaver, but in addition to running a random show, it lets you tell exactly which screensavers you would like to see. So, if you feel today is a good day for just five of your favorite savers, and other twenty of them should rest, you can have it this way! Simply add those five to the list, and it's done!

But wait, there's even more to please you! AllSaver! has one unique feature. It makes it possible to run two or four of your favorites at the same time! You select how many screensavers to run, and AllSaver! splits the screen as needed, providing the space for all running screensavers.

If you can't wait to see it in action, you can download this amazing tool using this link:


Use these tools, and say "no" to the boredom of seeing one and only screensaver! Variety is a good thing. Have fun!

About The Author

Roman Kramar is a software developer who enjoys writing screensavers as his time permits. Visit his site at http://www.elasticsystems.com/ to find out more about screensavers and his work. [email protected]

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