The Fastest Delete Finger in the Midwest!

There are hundreds of thousands of people who are trying to make an honest living on the Internet these days. The Internet is a great opportunity for starting your own business. There is not a lot of start-up cost, you can reach the whole world from a small corner of your own house, and the income can be exceptional.

However, a lot of us publishers and Internet marketers are running into a serious problem.

Before I start talking about it, I want to ask you all a question - How many of you get junk snail mail? Everyone, right? Now, how many of you call the cops when you get it? None, right? Of course not because that would be ridiculous!

We simply throw it in the trash and forget about it. Very easy, right?

What I don't understand is why it is not as simple as that with your email. We have all received junk email, also known as sp~m. Just junk mail of the Internet, right? So why do so many people make such a big deal about it??? I know that reputable publishers and marketers have been reported to "sp~m cops" and were caused serious problems because of it. And why? Not because they have done anything wrong, but because a subscriber forgot they subscribed to the ezine or they forgot they requested information or some other foolish reason.

Now we have to deal with a thing called "sp~m filters"! Not only do these "filters" keep legitimate ezines, emails, reports, etc. from going through, but the amount of sp~m has only increased! These "filters" are also causing many problems for publishers and subscribers alike!

I have also had an experience of being reported for sp~m. Someone requested one of my articles by autoresponder. Well, they received the article and then a couple of days later a follow-up thank you note. Apparently this thank you note pi**ed them off because they reported me to my ISP. I then received a phone call from my ISP telling me my email account was going to be cancelled immediately! Well, it took me awhile, but I finally was able to explain that the person who received that email had to have requested my article by autoresponder. There was no other way he could have gotten that message.

So, I was able to save my account, but I know of several people who didn't get off so easy.

I rarely gripe about anything like this because I know a lot of computer problems are out of our control, but this is a problem caused by people, not machines!

This is really getting out of I have come up with a very simple yet effective idea for getting rid of sp~m! Are you ready for this???

Ok, first you click on the sp~m message in your inbox. Make the determination ( be sure now) that it is, indeed, sp~m. Then you stick up your index or other finger if you prefer ( be nice now) ;-) and push the magic button marked D-E-L-E-T-E. This will make the sp~m magically disappear!

I have used this method of sp~m destruction since starting on the Internet and have found it to be most effective. I receive hundreds of sp~m messages a day, but always manage to make each and every one disappear forever!

I also have some tips for people who do not want to receive any so-called sp~m:

  • Do Not subscribe to any newsletters!

  • Do Not sign-up for special offers!

  • Do Not request any information via autoresponder!

  • Do Not send any email to anyone at anytime!

  • Do Not use your email for any reason whatsoever!

    I assure you if you follow all these tips you will never receive any sp~m!

    I know I have been a little ridiculous in making my point, but that just is my point. All this hullabaloo about sp~m is ridiculous. It is simply junk mail and can be deleted without any trouble, hassle or problems!

    Try it a few times and you will soon be like me - I have the fastest delete finger in the Midwest!! Anyone care to challenge me?? ;-)

    Wishing you a wonderfully warm and joyous Christmas!

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