Fight Spam and Fortify Your Web Site with RSS

RSS is the answer to the Spam epidemic of the past. Spam, any mass distribution of material across the Internet, can cause systems to back up and crash with unwanted and unsolicited material. Some of this material may be offensive to the people who visit your website and drive away potential viewers or customers.

Spam clogs networks and takes the place of real news and interesting articles. To effectively fight Spam, utilize RSS technology to ensure your website is at the height of its game. This technology screens and sorts material so you only get what you specifically want.

RSS technology utilizes an editor or reader to sort through data. RSS feeds are often one line of text that details the title of the article and gives a brief explanation of the kind of information given in the article. RSS readers often distinguish between Spam and real content by recognizing mass distribution or carbon copies.

This function ensures you are not receiving Spam that has been mass emailed out, but are receiving legitimate news from legitimate services you subscribe to. RSS readers can be downloaded from sites, and often are associated with specific and well-known news services.

This technology has been supported by Microsoft, and is being touted as the new wave in information distribution over the Internet. RSS readers can be set to screen fro certain titles, certain content, certain origins, and certain carbon copies. You can tailor your RSS to your specific site, or leave your specifications broad to get a general idea of the news of the day.

As this technology takes of, web sites are springing up that allow individuals to create their own RSS system that serves as a sort of home page with the news they are interest in reading. This technology offers an opportunity to further tailor your news offerings and saves you large quantities of time formerly spent sifting through Spam.

RSS feeds provide you an opportunity to tailor the time you spend on the Internet to your exact news needs. RSS editors can be used also to create your own RSS. An RSS format ensures your information will be treated seriously and will not be handled as Spam. Using an RSS editor is simple to learn, and will save a lot of time and energy.

RSS marketing can help you target specific RSS sites and to earn screen time on reputed web sites. With RSS marketing, your information is taken seriously and treated as news rather than Spam.

This marketing approach provides your product information to a large audience without the aggravation causing mass email approach that many companies try and fail with. RSS technology is a wave of the future, and offers you an opportunity to get the best news as well as earn a spot on websites that matter.

Gunnar Berglund has been a "internet- hardworker" for the last five years He publishes The meonit Gazette and run and

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