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I Must Be The Luckiest Person Alive! Spam

I must be the luckiest person alive! My inbox is just crammed with good news, great advice, and millions in accounts just needing the ok from me. Right now, I've two million euros just waiting to be claimed. Some lotteries don't even need participation to return a winner, it seems.

Had I not being lucky enough to win such large and free sources of income before, my excitement would surely induce a heart attack. At one point, I was lucky enough to be selected to help a woman liberate the funds of her recently executed husband. Two million would have been a drop in the ocean compared to this "windfall". There seems to be a lot of women who have executed husbands. Most it seems, ran very lucrative dictatorships, but have no luck, nevertheless.

There is hardly a day of the week that I don't have the luck to win a P.C. or similar piece of equipment. Even random selection appears to be more "selection" and less "random". Could others be as fortunate as me? Have I been so kind in this world to warrant such gifts, or command such luck?

The Gods, whether random or collective, bless me with fantastic advice and offers as well. I have been lucky enough to be approved for loans, without application by the way, that would provide finance to do anything. This must be in the off chance that I don't engage on the free money deals.

To go on a world cruise, all I need to do is switch on the P.C., open my email client, and reply to some email. Incidentally, if I had the time to confirm all emails, then I'd have thousands of free P.C.'s, and thousands of other "presents". More metaphysical luck, I presume.

Nobody told me that life could be this easy. It isn't even necessary to buy an e-book or read a sales page. My luck is reliant on some electricity, a few switches, and an Internet connection.

Shakespeare's "FORTUNE'S FOOL" doesn't apply at all and "WHAT DREAMS MAY COME", is throughout!

Should they be needed, medications are well represented. This must be in the off chance that my luck will change, and it is the only inconsistency.

As luck would have it, my special I.P. address, will attract the solution to any problem or issue. So special is my I.P. address and email account, that they even consider a change in gender.

Just as considerate, are the numerous administrators that tell me of account tampering and issue warnings to update such accounts. This even applies where I don't have accounts. This must be unbiased help. I cannot go wrong! My luck is in! Everything is covered!

My friends are omnipresent and often unknown. I've even been the beneficiary of a will and must look into this kind gesture from a thoughtful man. I may never know why he picked me, though.

Did he not hear that I was already "laced with luck"? Did he not know that I've a special report, which breaks down the process of unlimited wealth? Even without other luck, this report will see me good!

If anyone doesn't believe in luck, then they should see my inbox!


Seamus Dolly is at

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