Universal Law Primer

Universal Law is an invisible influence in every individual's life, whether we realize it or not. It is invisible because we cannot see it anymore than we can see the God who created it. We can see only the evidence of its existence by recognizing its effect on our lives. Universal Law is an expanding and contracting vibration, always in motion. Every soul on every life level is responsible for its own interpretation of the law and chooses if and how the law will be applied within a current lifetime.

Sometimes (oftentimes!) the soul has not yet learned through his own experience what the laws are and how they should be applied to life. Sometimes (oftentimes!) the soul's life experiences distort its conscious understanding of the law, and the soul misinterprets the way it should be applied. If, after the soul has taken an action on any life level, that action proves to be in conflict with the law, the 'error' can be corrected by another action called 'karma.'

The objective on all life levels is to learn to apply Universal Law to every interaction with every life form under every set of circumstances. The structure in which we learn through experience is the Universe. Each planet offers a perfect learning environment for many different levels of life. The invisible influence through which our learning cycles are defined is Karma. Universal Law is an energy that regulates the soul's growth throughout its lifetimes. It is not restrictive; it is a guideline used to assist the soul in its selection of a spiritual life path.

It is only by understanding Universal Law and how it works that we can come to understand how and why there are certain elements in our lives which we do NOT have the ability to control or manipulate. We have to accept that sometimes we really CAN'T create any other reality than the one demanded by our own Soul Evolutionary Process, more commonly referred to as 'our karma.' The easiest way to identify karma at play in our lives is to look for those situations or relationships that we just can't seem to get ourselves out of, no matter how hard we try. Our karmic obligations demand our participation, and Universal Law demands that we see the situation through.

Understanding the Purpose of the Life Cycle

God created the souls by providing the potential for separation from His essence. The soul is the core (or the essence) of each aspect of God who chose to separate and to experience life on its own. Each soul is on a level of complete God-consciousness; the essence of each soul remains in the image of God, knowing all that God knows, and experiencing all that God experiences.

There is a difference between knowing all that God knows and understanding what it means. It is understanding WHY something is so that provides life forms on every life level with a sense of conviction that what they know is "God's truth."

God does not create finished products; God creates potential. God did not create aspects of Himself who were complete in their understanding of His truth. Instead, he created the potential for them to understand and grow in that truth. He created Life.

Not all souls chose to enter into the life cycle offered for their growth. Those souls remain in a state of being One with God. But, for those souls who wanted to reach their full potential by experiencing the Life Cycle which supported their growth and understanding, God provided elements in which those souls could experience what they need to experience in order to understand Truth.

The soul already knows Truth; it is coming to understanad WHY it is Truth that is the purpose of life on any level. God's Truth can best be summarized as "positive best." We learn through experience to make positive choices and express positive emotions. We confirm God's Truth by experiencing both positive and negative, comparing the way each feels, and coming to our own conclusion that "Love is always the best solution."

The Elements of the Life Cycle

Life on any level offers the same opportunity to the soul: to confirm its Truth through experience.

The Universe, with its many solar systems, provides the learning environment required for the soul's evolutionary process.

Karma creates a self-contained structure in which the learning cycles of the soul are determined by the soul's choices in each lifetime. Each soul experiences firsthand what each of their choices feels like in the way they interact with other life forms, and is encouraged through that process to make positive choices that feel good.

Universal Law provides an invisible influence that guarantees the soul the "situational circumstances" required for the life lesson at hand.

Life is a voluntary, accumulated learning experience. We learn by experiencing the repercussions of the choices we make. Sooner or later, we realize why "love is always the best solution."

Man Is Part of A Larger Cycle

Many human beings work from the premise that they are the only important life form in the Universe and that the Universe revolves around them. To these individuals, God created Man in His physical image and created the rest of the Universe for Man's enjoyment.

In fact, God has created a full spectrum of learning environments for the soul, in many, many life forms on many, many planets, each of which offers a specific learning opportunity. The soul begins with the basics on the lower learning levels of each planet, and works its way up the soul growth ladder by moving into the next life level, where it can experience its next level of learning.

Our planet Earth contains millions of life forms, each of which is accomplishing soul growth on its own level. All life forms are inter-connected on a soul level through their inter-connectedness to God, and Universal Law demands that what affects one affects all. Where there is life, there is a soul using that life as it's vehicle to soul evolution.

We have a tendency to think of ourselves as 'special in the eyes of God,' and we place ourselves above other life forms on the planet. God is impartial; He recognizes only the soul essence which is an aspect of Himself, and it doesn't matter to God (for our present life form learning cycle) whether we are an insect, a fish, a bird, a plant, a human on the planet Earth, or a different kind of being living on a different planet. We are all of God, and we are all in the process of confirming His Truth and finding our way back to Him. He loves us all equally.

It is the way we choose to interact with other souls involved in the life process that defines how much Truth we've learned thus far in our soul's evolutionary process. We cannot learn on our own. Being alone does not offer us the opportunity to choose between positive and negative interaction with other life forms. And ? because we are all equal in the eyes of God ? how we interact with life forms on lower learning levels counts just as much as how we interact with other human beings.

Playing By the Rules

There are basic rules which apply to life on any level, rules that help sustain the order of the Universe and, accordingly, the order within all who are participating in the life process.

Every planet in the Universe that contains life has a series of laws applicable to the civilization on that particular planet that apply the concept of Universal Law as it applies to that particular life level.

Universal Law never varies, even though it may be interpreted differently by different life forms on different learning levels. Stability of the law is necessary to ensure the uniformity of the soul growth pattern of all souls who choose to incarnate.

The law guarantees that the Divine Order of the Universe will be manifested in spite of conscious choices on the part of souls in the life process. Divine Order means that there are no accidents in life; everything that takes place in your life takes place at the perfect moment, and in the capacity and the degree it is meant to occur.

Spiritual knowledge is reflected on the soul as 'vibrational energy levels.' It is the vibrationary level of each soul that determines which form of life, on which life level, is appropriate for its growth. With each growth step achieved, the soul's vibrationary level increases. The higher the vibrational level, the higher the level on which the soul can experience.

Souls cannot move from one life level to another until they have completed the current learning cycle. Souls can't go backwards, either ? once we've evolved past a particular form of life on a particular life level, we can't incarnate into that level again. Forward is the only direction we move in on the evolutionary path back to God-consciousness.

The soul cannot force the conscious mind to make good choices in a human lifetime. The soul's responsibility is to make the conscious personality aware of its presence and to open the interconnection to such a degree that the soul can implant thoughts, reactions and emotional responses relating to the purpose of life and the lessons to be learned from it on a subconscious level.

Universal Law is the invisible force that ensures that everything we experience is within the parameters set by God for life in any form, on any level, when He created life as the souls vehicle for learning. It is God's way of insuring that we don't stray so far off the path back to Him that we forget our way home, and that in time ? when all of the souls have completed their learning ? we will all be One again.

Lois Grant-Holland is a Life Path Focus Counselor offering Life Path Focus Sessions, Karmic Astrology Charts, Channeled Guidance, Intuitive Readings and Classes and Workshops to spiritual seekers on all positive paths, and is the site facilitator at The A.N.S.W.E.R. - (The Seeker's Resource Guide to Alternative, New Thought, Spiritual Growth, Wellness and Enlightenment Resources.) You can visit her website at http://www.loisgrantholland.com

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