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Working With The Light

I do not want curiosity seekers, who come for a novel experience. There is a phrase that has been used down through the ages for such people. "Do not cast the Pearl before the swine". The swine comes across a precious jewel on the trail and does not recognize it value. It is unfortunate for humans that most fall into the swine category! Please do not be offended by my remark! Every soul is at a different level of understanding and appreciation. There are those who have the maturity to realize the value of such a jewel, all others want to rush out to watch the latest Tom Cruz movie.

Be assured this is not an easy process. It is far from it! Though the technique is easy to understand and apply, it is the practice over time that is difficult.

From the moment of our birth, we become externally focused into the material world. The world demands and commands we focus our attention on it. Exhausted at the end of the day, we fall into our beds to sleep. If we remember our dreams, they for the most part mirror our daily lives. Not only are we consciously, burdened, by our waking life, in sleep we are burdened as well.

The objective is to set aside time which is dedicated to your inner being. With time and discipline, you will build a stronger internal focus. The more intense your inner focus, the more intense the experience. A strong commitment, coupled with desire will carry you far. How far will be determined by you?

I usually practice the Light technique at 4 AM in the morning. At this time the mind tends to be quieter. As I become acquainted with the Inner landscape and focus more attention into it, I am able to recognize more detail. When sufficiently centered within the inner vista, I am able to notice the incredible matrix structure of the mind. I notice clusters of light particles which I recognize as family memories. The grouping of these clusters and the individual photon like particles have a variety of different colors. A way to explain the light associated with the cluster of photon particle is to imagine having an experience at an amusement park. From experience we all know such places are quite colorful. The colors of the photon clusters matches the color at the amusement park. So it is for all of our experiences. Within our minds our memories are actually colored by the light available at each and every experience we have. We even pattern what we imagine from the actual environment of our experiences, though what we imagine is not rooted in personal reality.

What holds these clusters together are the emotion at the time of the experience, be them positive or not.

Continuing with the practice I focus on an imaginary point directly in the center of my field of view. Gradually golden light begins to form around this point. The objective here is not to allow the mind to jump in and analyze the light. When this occurs the light begins to fade. Quickly return your focus back to the center, the light will again form at the focal point. Keeping the attention fixed until a Do-Nut shape sphere forms and then continuing to gaze inward at the same point. At this juncture lessen the pressure on each of your eyes proportionally and ever so lightly.

You will notice the light changing from a golden glow to a bright white. The white light may fill your entire field of view and you may notice feeling warmer. Eventually the light will fade, but you continue to keep your focus at the center. Once the golden light returns and again forms the sphere shape, relax the pressure on the eyes as before. Again the white light will again appear. Over time you may reach a point where the light is so white and the associated warmth so intense the you may feel discomfort. Do not worry! This is a natural reaction within the body, brought on by the release of the intense light energy.

There will be times when you will feel very little interest in doing the Light procedure. Doing the procedure with a lack luster effort will still have value. Even though you don't feel like doing the work required, you will be communicating to your mind that you are the "Boss". You are disciplining the mind to be responsive to your commands, It is far better for you to control the mind that for it to control you. You must come to realize, appreciate and understand the power of your consciousness and its ability to evaluate and make decisions. The inner realm of the mind is like a hall of mirrors. It will reflect back to you exactly what you know or imagine reality to be. One mans reality is not another's! There are literally billions of individual realities. Will any of these human realities provide you with the immortality that we hunger for? Not one of them!

My advice, is to devote yourself to that which will provide you the jewel of immortality. Begin now to build the bridge between your daily life and that of the Creator of Life.

Mr Schuck has studied and practiced meditation for over 25 years. You are welcome to read additional articles by Mr Schuck at

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