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Some Evidence of How We Are Spiritually Connected

It has long been surmised that emotional trauma can lead to physical illness. It is also conceptualized that such toxic trauma fragments may exist at the level of our energy fields. Treatments such as EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique?), TFT (Thought Field Therapy?), TT (Therapeutic Touch?) and others seek to restore the individual's energy field.

What, if any, effect might this have on others close to the client such as family members, friends, colleagues etc.?

If we are connected via a collective energy field, then it is reasonable to speculate that some, or all, of the "negative" information in this realm may be detrimental to others around the holder of such negativity through some form of "field effect".

Conversely, releasing trauma from an individual's energy field could potentially have beneficial non-local field effects, which could potentially help others heal as well. It is also reasonable to speculate that this could translate into the possibility of group non-local healing occurring spontaneously by treating only one or a small number of individuals.

A new process called the Mind Resonance Process? (MRP) has been shown in preliminary case studies to effect rapid and lasting clearing of traumatic fragments (i.e. memories of trauma, and derivatives of trauma such as negative emotions and beliefs) by targeting them in one's thought field. Additionally a recent case using MRP, by the author, addresses non-local field effects in the case of shared traumatic memories.

In the latter, two individuals who we call John and Mary shared a traumatic experience of having had their house burglarized while they were at home asleep. Neither was harmed but Mary subsequently developed recurring nightmares and fears of falling asleep. John on the other hand began to feel angry, guilty and inadequate about his inability to confront the intruders.

MRP was used to help Mary release her memory of the trauma thereby eliminating her symptoms. Immediately after Mary's release, John, who had been sequestered and unaware of the details of my work with Mary, was interviewed about his recollection of the trauma.

Interestingly his experience of the memory was such that it never happened to him. He could recall it but it no longer felt like it was an event in his life. Additionally, his negative symptoms had also disappeared.

The health benefits accrued by both individuals were strikingly similar i.e. both experienced a complete release of the traumatic experience from consciousness. This was associated by a feeling that the memory was no longer their memory, a feeling that it had never happened to them, feelings of inner peace, joy, calmness, increased energy, revitalization, rejuvenation and resilience. An interesting consequence was that after MRP each individual felt more genuinely themselves than they had felt even before the traumatic event.

Further case studies, soon to be published, also suggest the efficacy of MRP in helping individuals release any number of traumatic memories from consciousness simultaneously in a single session. As vital energy is required to hold traumatic material out of consciousness for one to function adequately on a daily basis, it is felt that one could rapidly reclaim this energy with MRP. This hypothesis has in fact received some supporting evidence as individuals releasing multiple traumas simultaneously with MRP feel a noticeable surge of vital energy throughout their entire being.

The combined results of the MRP Shared Memory Study and the MRP Multiple Memory Study could lead to significantly new, powerful treatment modalities for groups of individuals i.e. family groups, catastrophic accident victims, victims of terrorist attacks etc. Additionally, the economic benefits of treating large groups using MRP in this way would be highly significant.



< p>Arrizza, N., Releasing Multiple Traumatic Memories Simultaneously in a Single Session using the Mind Resonance Process, Arrizza Performance Coaching Inc., 2004 ( Recently submitted for publishing )

Arrizza, N., A Shared Memory Case Study: The Mind Resonance Process & Evidence for Non Local Consciousness, International Journal of Healing and Caring, Jan. 2005, Vol. 5, No. 1.

Dr. Nick Arrizza is an Energy Psychiatrist and Researcher in Toronto, Canada. He hosts ongoing international teleconferences on the use of the Mind Resonance Process(TM). Web Site:

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