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Giving From the Heart

I thought for sometime that I was hard done bye with having to produce this newsletter and manage my web site with old computer equipment that was so slow that I could have cat naps between the time one program would close and another opened. This had a mixed blessing in that I could work for hours without having to stop and rest so there were some advantages to having archaic equipment. What good does it do to be able to type 70 wpm and the computer processes only 30 wpm.

You can't imagine what some of these wonderful sites you are visiting are using to create very professional looking pages.

I met a new webmaster friend online several months ago, and we have been corresponding for some time. I thought her site was being done by a professional designer.

I wondered why we would be on line chatting and she disappeared for 1/2 hour or so, sometimes the next day or two. This happened on a continuous basis and she finally confided in me that she was using an old lap top and that she had to lean it against something so that the screen would not fall off while she was typing.

After hearing about this I decided to donate $50 to her cause. I felt that I was blessed even with my old equipment and that she could use the money more than I. Others felt the same way also and have donated money for her to buy a new computer.

I don't have a lot to give away, and when I give, I do so for the pleasure of doing it. I do not give from obligation, guilt or fear. It is also reaffirming that I actually have something to give away. If there is a surplus it must mean that there is abundance, and that instills in me a feeling of gratitude. That feeling was better than any thank you or blessing she could have given me. I never expect anything back, in fact it would probably be an insult, and anything would pale beside the satisfaction I received from giving.

What you give you get back and more, and I received all that I desired when I gave. However, just yesterday I checked my email and there was a receipt notice that someone had used my paypal account to purchase something. I assumed that I had sold one of my books and my vibration level started to rise and I began to float. I check the amount of the receipt and noticed that it was for fifty dollars. I started to think that it couldn't be, my books all sell for $17.50 or less, how could such a mistake have been made?

Then I noticed that it was a donation from an anonymous subscriber who liked very much what I was doing and wanted to be a part of it by sharing some of his abundance with me. I immediately thought back to the money I had donated and realized that it had gone full circle. I received much more than what I gave. The subscriber is now part of this circle and is a valuable asset to what I am doing. His energy is felt and appreciated and has added to the mix that makes up the site and the newsletter. With much gratitude I did not touch down until the weight of the covers finally bound me to the bed that evening.

The joy of giving is its own reward. Giving should always come from the heart and not from guilt, obligation or fear. One should never expect anything back and seldom would any such expectation be fulfilled.

One should be selfish in his/her giving, and do it because it is who you really are. You can never be disappointed when you give from the heart and you travel liter without the burden of expectation or receiving. The giver is the biggest beneficiary of giving and it always comes back many times over. I am reminded of this often and also that giving is an opportunity to re-affirm who you are, it is a physical expression of self, it is your truth manifested physically.

Roy E. Klienwachter is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. A student of NLP, ordained minister, New Age Light Worker and Teacher. Roy has written and published five books on New Age wisdom. Roy's books are thought provoking and designed to empower you to take responsibility for your life and what you create. His books and articles are written in the simplicity and eloquence of Zen wisdom.

You may not always agree with what he has to say. You will always come away with a new perspective and your thinking will never be the same.

Roy's style is hard hitting and comes straight from the heart without all the metaphorical mumble jumble and BS. Visit Roy at:

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