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Where Are You, God?

Do you ever have one of those days when you wonder if God is really there? Does he really exist? If he does, then why can't you see Him or even sense His presence? Why do you feel so desolate, so alone? I was in that place a few days ago.

I stood at my window facing south on a cold winter's day. The hardwood trees were bare of leaves and I could see a portion of the graveled road that meandered around hills and valleys to get to our house on top of the ridge. The road seemed to disappear into nothingness as it curved upward into a dense thicket of evergreens where it would cross over the creek and continue up the hill to where I live. I adjusted my eyes to look down the ridge directly under the window, straining to see through the tree trunks and undergrowth to catch a glimpse of the roadway I knew was there. From my vantage point at the window in my house atop the hill, I could see for miles across the distance. But I couldn't see any trace of the roadbed that was about 50 yards below my window because so there was so many bushes and trees in my view. Although I heard the roar of rushing water of the creek that struggled to contain the fullness of two weeks of rainfall, I could not see the waters tumbling over the rocks and slapping against the pilings of the covered bridge that spanned the creek at the bottom of the hill.

But I knew the road and the creek were there. The fact that I could not see them did not change the actuality of their existence. I traveled the road every day. I knew it. I knew the exact spot in the creek where our dog, Peppy, loved to splash and play. I couldn't see them but I didn't doubt their existence for a moment.

It was then that I heard that sweet, inner voice speak to me, "Just because you can't see me, feel me, touch me does not change the actuality of my existence. For, lo .."

"? I am with you always, even to the end of the age." I whispered the comforting passage from the Bible, joining my voice with the inner voce that spoke gently to my heart.

I smiled as I turned away from the window that day as peace bathed my weary mind like a gentle rainfall on dry, parched earth. I was not alone. I realized that God is as "real" as the dirt road and the babbling brook. I just couldn't see him because of all the other stuff - the dense undergrowth - in my life. But He was there all the time.

Peace, Peace, wonderful peace
Coming down from the Father above
sweep over my spirit forever I pray
in fathomless billows of love.

Linda S. Van Fleet is an author of inspirational articles and short stories. She is the webmaster of I Believe in Angels, Do You? and Apple City Inspirations

©2005 Linda S. Van Fleet

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