The Magic of Tarot Card Reading

The magic of the tarot was obvious to me the first time that someone confirmed that my tarot card reading was accurate. Of course, the first time that I did a tarot reading for someone else I really had no reason to believe that the reading I was about to give could be so revealing. I was amazed at the words that sort of just came out of my mouth, all by themselves. And I couldn't have told you a minute earlier what I had in mind next to say. The words were just there, and I was speaking them.

The power of the tarot is much more than simply the interpretation of the symbols on the cards. The story it tells goes much deeper than that. It's as if an energy field is created by the spread that is thrown, and a light trance state is entered into by taking a few deep breaths. And then the reading begins. Then a series of pictures, symbols, colors, feelings, sounds and words are experienced inwardly as I focus on asking the questions that will provide the information being sought.

Having the confidence to say what you feel or see is the hardest part when you are first learning the art of tarot divination, but once you do, and you discover that it was a correct interpretation, you can begin to relax, and allow the information to flow to you.

Relaxation, and deep breathing are a necessary part of drawing the information you seek to you.

Also, clearly stating in your mind, or out loud exactly what it is you'd like to know is also key.

I believe that each tarot deck attracts to it a certain protective spirit messenger or messengers that help in the divination process.

Prayer and meditation will open you up to receiving higher guidance while grounding your intention in light. And always remember to use the magic words "please" and "thank you" when calling upon the Higher Power for divine guidance, healing, and enlightenment.

Sherry Sims has spent the last 20 years assisting people as a professional psychic, intuitive counselor, energy healer and teacher. Helping people to resolve personal and relationship issues has been at the core of her work. She gently assists her clients to accept their true power which allows them to begin taking control of their lives through healing, awareness, and self-love.

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