Finding Bobbie Fisher ---The Light House: Where Would Your Ship Be?

There is an old tradition song called, The Lighthouse and the end of the chorus goes something like this, "If it weren't for that old Lighthouse?. Where would this ship be?"

In a scene from the movie Finding Bobbie Fisher, Bobbie is sitting next to his girlfriend under a lighthouse and she says to him. "This is so beautiful Bobbie where did you find such a place with a lighthouse?" and Bobbie replies, "I didn't find it, it found me."

Years ago the only way ships could tell where their final destination happen to be was by the dim light shining in the distance from an old lighthouse. Today, with technology lighthouses are mostly landmarks and reminders of what shipping use to be like. But when you find one, there is something special about them to experience.

You see we didn't find Jesus he found us first. He chose us, and he knew that we were something special when he saw us from a distance. "Ye have not chosen me, I have chosen you and ordained you that ye should go and bear forth fruit, and your fruit shall remain; that whosoever shall ask of the father in my name, he may give it to you." John 15:16. Jesus is our lighthouse and when we experience him there is something beautiful about that place. We can't take a real lighthouse with us, but the light that Jesus shines on us and lights our paths ever where we go can always remain in our hearts.

There are times when we want to feel special inside. And most of the time this world won't give us that hug or encouraging word at that right moment when we need it. But no matter where we go or what time it is we can find that lighthouse shining on us through the love of Jesus Christ. We are special, we have been chosen by God. When the world doesn't give you what you want this week, look for that light in the distance and ask yourself, ""If it weren't for that old Lighthouse?. Where would this ship be?"

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