Thou Shalt Not Judge

Judgement; What does this mean? The encyclopedia definition is, "The process of forming an opinion by discerning and comparing". The bible says, "Judge not, lest you be judged", and, "How many times as christians, do we do this?" Are we not to,"judge the sinners?" No, that is not our responsibility. Remember, what Jesus said, " I have not come to judge, but to save those that are lost". Jesus, the great I AM, did not come here to judge us by what we looked like. He, came here to save us from sin. So how, "If the great I AM accepts us, can we not do the same for others?"

We judge people everyday by what they look like, how they act, and how we preceive them. We do this, not out of love, but out of fear and to feel superior to them. This, is not, the way to show "love" or "acceptance". God, commands, "That we preach his word to all nations". He did not say, "Only to those that look right, or to those we find appealing". To many times, we decide someones selfworth by how we preceive them, but not by, how God views that person. Why, do we shun some people, but talk to others? Why, do we only talk to people, who are already saved and not to those, who need to here the good word. It is easier, to "judge" a person than it is to talk to them. Maybe, if we as christians, talk to people more often, we could help them receive salvation through Christ Jesus.

That, my friends, is the purpose of Gods people, to help those that are lost. Are we wrong, in telling people that they are living in sin, no, I do not think so. It, is our obligation to help lead them to Jesus Christ. Can we do this as a church body without "judgement"? Yes, by talking to people about the saving grace of Jesus christ. By telling them, what it is to accept Jesus as their Lord and Personal savior. If we did this more often, instead of judging, "How many more souls would we save?" How, many people in this "ignorant" and "evil" world, would feel accepted and not rejected. So, I call to you for help, to remember, that we have all been judged by God, and found guilty of sin. That all of us at some time in our lives, have felt rejected and lost. If it, had not been for someone showing us, or helping us, we would not know the saving power of grace. John 5:22,23; For the Father judges no one, but has committed all judgements to the Son, that all should honor the Son just as they honor the Father. Amen

Minister for Jesus

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