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The Search for Gods Intention

I believe in the source we refer to as 'God'. This is the powerful Universal Energy from which all that is manifests. This energy is always there and is available to all. My God is the same as your God and everybody else's God. However, we still try to categorize and define that energy in different ways, depending upon our belief system and religious orientation.

God is love and so are you.
God is compassion and so are you.
God is perfection and so are you.
God is forgiveness and so are you.

You are created in the image of your God but what happened to you? Have you forgotten your essence? What was it that went wrong in your life that changed your love into fear, your compassion into anger, your unconditional love into jealousy and envy, and your forgiveness into hatred? When you are angry God has nothing to do with your state of mind.

When you hate people God has nothing to do with it either. Whether you are rich or poor in this lifetime is not a reflection of God's favoritism for there is no such thing. If you are sick or in a condition of ill-health it does not mean God is punishing you; God does not punish.

It is time to take a good look at yourself, your life and identify with what is in you that keeps you far from your own God of love, compassion, forgiveness and perfection.

Throughout the centuries, humanity has assumed the image of God in any which way we please; we even gave God a sex. Then, according to our own set of beliefs, life values and religion we manipulate people, animals, plants and the planet in God's name. God becomes the excuse we use to justify our actions. I find this rather confusing because if God was really the one inflicting the rules upon us of how we should live together as ONE world, and since we all give our life and power away to that God, wouldn't we all be acting and living in the same way?

Deep inside every one of us, we know very well that God has nothing to do with the problems that exist on earth and in each one of our lives at the moment. God has nothing to do with the natural events which take place. God has nothing to do with it when someone kills another person in God's name. Many people in the world have been driven to exist in a state of fear when it comes to God. There are people who are aware of, and abuse that fear by tapping into it and using it to their own advantage.

Over the centuries the three main religions have drummed the fear of God into us, and for a simple reason, to keep masses of people under control by taking away our own individual sense of power and our free will. We verbally define God in one way, yet act another way in the name of God. Does nobody else see the contradiction here?

Most of us would agree that God is the nurturing, loving, super-consciousness that creates all life which exists in this plane and all the others. We were given the gift of free will which is one of the Universal laws which govern the whole Universe.

God trusted us with free will and left the gift of his/her creation, the earth, in our hands and trusted us to honor the gift of our life. What have we accomplished so far in that aspect? So far we are doing a great job of destroying the planet, the animal and plant kingdom, destroying nature, polluting the oceans and the atmosphere and don't forget the fact that we rape, kill and hate each other!

It seems that there are very few of us who are actually able to see the natural beauty and the miracle of life that exists around us. This will be there until the very last shred of life exists in the earth plane. It will always be there, no matter how much fear and despair prevails. For those of you who recognize miracles everyday just by being alive, why don't you do something to help others see too? Are you feeling too powerless, too fearful or maybe even too lazy to do something to change our world? Is it worth that little to you that you'd give-up so soon?

We have been led to believe that God is an entity which exists outside of us, beyond our reach. Is that belief the result of a lack of understanding, or was it created as a means that better suits us when we need to use the name of God in a manner that works to our advantage?

We live in a world mainly characterized by war, murder, hate, fear, greed, envy, jealousy, rape, the struggle for external power and control over others and the environment. Every one of us is characterized by one or more of those categories in one way or another, and we know it. Yet, we keep praying to God for help and mercy and where did it really bring us? So far it seems that after many years of praying, nothing is really changing, in fact things are getting worse!

Why on earth should God listen to our prayers when we never pay attention to the answers that always are and always have been there? I am sure if God had any input on the situation; He/She would probably look at us and saying "Will, you never learn? So far you missed the point! Was my design of humanity so bad that even after thousands of years, you still do not understand the essence of your life, your reason for being here and laws which govern the Universe and all of creation?"

Here are some points about life of which I have grown to understand. They are very simple and you can choose to accept these points or not, you have your own free will to choose in the end.

Your Soul was created in the image of its creator, God.

Your Soul is the one who seeks to evolve back into being that energy from where it came, its creator, God.

The Soul is immortal, a human being is not.

Your Soul decided to incarnate into the earth plane right now as part of its evolutionary progression and that is why you exist.

Your Soul gave you a spirit which is the manifestation of specific energies, characteristic of the experiences it planned to encounter in its chosen life path.

Your spirit is created in the image of your soul. Your Soul evolves according to the level of growth attained during its human incarnation.

The growth of a human being depends upon the choices he/she makes during the life experience.

I mentioned the law of free will above. Free will of choice supports the evolutionary progression of the Soul. Choices equal growth, growth equals evolution; evolution brings the Soul closer to its creator (God).

You can pray as much as you want because God will not intervene and for a simple reason, your free will is respected by God. In order for God to listen to you, you must act to bring the things you want into your life. We almost always take things in life for granted, and then wait for God to help us when times get tough. When nothing changes we start to get angry and ask "Where are you God when we need you?" The problem there is, we forgot one major thing, what was your true intention in what you were trying to accomplish? How can you move forward in your life in the will of God, or any other, when deep inside you don't want to move in the first place? God, your angels or guides or whatever other force you believe in can and will help you wherever possible, but only when you express real interest in moving forward, changing and then accepting and acting upon any form of help that comes your way. God or anyone else cannot override your free will.

Help does not manifest itself by you sitting doing nothing, you must act with a pure intention first, without contradiction and then help will come. If we all received help by sitting twiddling our thumbs then of course, typical of the human nature, we would take it all for granted again and learn nothing. This does not support our soul purpose of evolution; in fact it is counter productive. Growth and evolution do not come by taking things for granted, that is why we must take the initiative and start acting instead of waiting, or else nothing will change in your life.

Stop praying and start acting on what you would like to see manifest in your life and you will see how things will change drastically. In the end it is a matter of choice, your choice. You can choose to move forward in your life just as you can choose to hate and feel jealousy toward your neighbor or not, to control people around you or not and to fear everything about other people, including yourself. We ALL have a choice in everything in life.

We are using God in a wrong way, abusing and misusing the name of God to our own advantage. One day when you pass to the other side you will be able to see this, if you don't already. You can count on God NOT coming to you, tapping you on the shoulder and saying "Well son, I am proud of your accomplishment in killing all of those people down there for my sake; you really helped me out there! I also liked the way you managed to control and walk over all those people to satisfy your own need to feel external power. Come on lad, you have won your place in Heaven!"

It is time for us to WAKE UP before it is too late for humanity and the earth! This is not a threat to make you feel afraid; it is an unfortunate reality, one that are already on the way to creating for ourselves. If we keep going like this, we will eventually destroy everything. We are slowly but surely killing the planet and ourselves and each other. Our Souls all had a good intention in coming here, but somehow we lost touch with our soul and lost all intention of trying to understand the miracle of life for what it really is.

God does not promote killing.
God does not promote crusades in His/Her name.
God does not make distinction in His/Her creation.

It is only our human thoughts, ideology and lack of conviction and confidence of who we really are that brings forth the need to rationalize, define, judge and categorize the many aspects of life that exist within our physical world.

You may not be able to save the whole world right now, but you can begin to change your own life as an individual. That would be a great contribution toward helping humanity and the earth right now. Try to fix your own life before even trying to fix someone else's. Take your own advice and apply it on yourself before you pass it to other people around you. Set a good example of responsibility and people will follow on their own, and if they don't, well that is their choice.

Stop contradicting yourself because contradiction brings stagnation. Swallow your pride and admit that you are not perfect, that you have flaws which require some attention and work and try to let go of your ego to allow for the change to manifest. What is all that worth holding onto when in the silence of your own life and being, everything is still a mass of confusion, nothing makes sense, your life is still a mess and you are filled with inner conflict and torment? Isn't it time to let go of old nonsense and try something new?

We all keep wondering what God's intention is with the earth and humanity and we still feel hopeless. God's intention remains as it always will be. God loves you and wants you to experience your life, understand the essence of your life understanding from the perspective of your Soul, as was intended in the first place. It is not difficult; it is just that we choose to make life so complicated. It was intended that you grow to understand the Universal Laws that govern the Universe and realize that it is you and you alone who is responsible for your life. You are the only one who can make changes in your life. Your existence is your own experience, not God's. If God were to step in every time we needed some help then He/She would be cheating you out of your experiences and lessons in life.

God/Love/Source/Light/Creator, whatever term you like to define that energy, it is always in you, as you. It is always there even during the worst times on your life path. However, never forget that you are the Master of your own destiny in life and from now on, try to change the direction of your life into something which helps you progress into more harmony and peace, instead of stagnating in your problems and existing with a constant inner void.

You have a choice...God bless you!

Copyright © Joseph Ghabi All rights reserved.

About the Author:

Joseph Ghabi is an author, lecturer, and healer. Joseph provides Intuitive Numerology Consultation, Healing Childhood Experiences Consultation and PhD Candidate living in Montreal Canada. At the age of eight Joseph discovered his clairvoyance. Joseph is natural medium. Joseph started the 'Free Spirit Centre' website at A community centre devoted to personal growth, self help, soul growth, eating disorders, relationships, healing and human issues.

Joseph task is in bringing Souls back to realization of their own personal power and into alignment with their own soul purpose and path of evolution.

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