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Dancing with the Devil

"If you can't dance with the devil
You will never walk in the Light."

Well now..this is an interesting subject isn't it? At a recent event, I was asked about the "Anti-Christ," a topic that brings chills

to the heart of the traditionalist. Visions of some big hairy monster with the "mark of the beast" (reference the Mark of the Beast article found on the Warrior Lounge) emblazoned upon its forehead flashes through the mind of the fundamentally conditioned mind. Give me a break!

Let's start from the beginning....

First, it is critical to understand that the term "Christ" is not a name (nor is Buddha). Contrary to popular belief, it was not the last name of a Jewish adept that lived long ago -- not even close. Christ is a degree, an accomplishment, a title of the achievement of enlightened consciousness.

Unbeknownst to traditional Western conditioning there were many "Christs" prior to the achievement of the savior status of the man known as Jesus.

By the way..

This in no way whatsoever diminishes this Savior's accomplishment -- in fact, it makes it all that more commendable. I can much more greatly respect a child of God like you and me who put in the time, study, and work to achieve his lofty state then someone who was born with the golden spoon of enlightenment sticking out of his mouth. Can't you?

How can you or I attempt to even relate -- much less aspire -- to a perfect person, born perfect, always to be perfect telling us to be "like him?"

If Jesus not being "born" with this Christ moniker pushes the buttons of your conditioning, then let me ask you...

There are approximately 30 years of his life missing in the Bible. If he was born fully enlightened as the traditionalist claim, then why wasn't he healing the sick and teaching for all those years? What was he doing? Where do you think he was -- fishing? Hardly.

With the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, it is fairly well agreed that Jesus was an Essene. The Essenes were a mystical Christian group well known for their discipline, rites of passage and physical prowess.

So what was the future Christ doing? He was doing his work -- the same work that you and I must do if we ever hope to attain the same level of consciousness and ability.

But this accomplishment...

...was not unique to Jesus. All the great ones -- Christs or Buddhas in their own right -- had to do their work. There is no short-cut to enlightenment.

Back to where we began....

So once again we return to the question of the hour. What the hell (no pun intended) is the Anti-Christ?

Well, all the great ones have told us that everything they did we are also able to do.

"Even the least among you can do all that I have done and even greater things."

"As the Father sends me so are you sent."

"Have I not said you were gods?"

Now you either believe what was said or cannot pick and choose. Bottom line is that your reason for existence is to become a Christ and/or Buddha which simply means a state of high consciousness. Too much for you to handle? Then get over it -- that is your sole (and soul) purpose for being on this planet! Once again.. you either believe what the masters have taught or you don't.

Therefore, since Christ is a state of consciousness and enlightenment. The anti-Christ must be anything that is contrary or in opposition to this state of being. Traditional religion falls prey to being contrary to your Christhood every time it tells you that you are less than your full God-given potential. Isn't this truly "anti-Christ?"

Any institution or individual that tells you that you are less than this Christ potential -- any institution that tells you that you must "have faith" and "believe" hoping for your after-death prize is the anti-Christ. You need to become your true self NOW, not sometime in the sweet by and by.

"The kingdom of heaven is within."

Definitely not a "condo on a cloud."

"The kingdom of heaven is at hand."

That's just an arms length away.

But it gets better still....

Quantum physics tells us that there is a universal law called The Law of Polarity. This law states that everything in the third dimension must have an equal and opposite -- every electron with a negative charge has a proton with a positive charge, up has down, hot has cold, good has bad, etc.

For this reason, if there is a Christ, then there has to be an Anti-Christ it cannot be other than this in 3D. So here is the kicker....

If you or anyone have moments of being the Christ (which you definitely do -- even if only fleeting)...

Then guess what?

That's also have to have your moments of being the antithesis of this. Can you get your mind around the fact that every time you limit yourself and your abilities, every time you debase yourself, every time you sell yourself short, every time you give less than your very best -- you are the big, hairy beast that scared the hell out of you in your Sunday school class?

Sort of puts things in a new perspective doesn't it?

"The greatest sin is to question your divinity."
-- Essene axiom

At the first of this treatise I mentioned "dancing with the devil." The "devil" you must dance with is the same devil that Jesus danced with in the desert for 40 days and nights. If you think that there was a literal horned beast with a pointy tail that tempted him in the sand, then think again. I mean come on..give me a break!

Jesus was dancing with his own internal dark side, self-doubt, and temptation to use his powerful abilities for personal gain. And this is the most important dance (or wrestling match) you can participate in.

The traditions maintain that you must release a minimum of 51% of your personal karmic baggage (or darkness) if you ever hope to step into your birthright in this lifetime.

So to recap:

  • You have been told time and again that you are expected to fulfill your Christ potential.

  • You are on the planet for the sole (soul) purpose to complete this task.

  • Any institution or leader that tells you otherwise or in any way attempts to limit you is the antithesis of this goal and therefore the "anti-Christ."

  • Any time you sell your self short of your true identity and Christ potential YOU are anti-Christ. The church of tomorrow and the future will be a learning laboratory of consciousness and a joint pursuit of full enlightenment and Christ ability. Anything else is just a social construct and you might as well join the rotary club.

    So no more childish nightmares my friend, just much work to be done.

    You cannot listen and think your way to salvation -- you must do the work -- and unfortunately, there is no shortcut.

    "If you can't dance with the devil
    You will never walk in the Light."

    James Arthur Ray of James Ray International is an expert in teaching individuals how to achieve Harmonic Wealth? in all areas of their life by focusing on what they want, opposed to what they don't want. He has been speaking to individuals as well as Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years and is the author of four books and an inventor of numerous learning systems. His studies of highly successful people prove that they continually achieve results by taking control of their thoughts and actions to create and shape their own reality.

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