Getting Beyond Imperfect Examples & Resistance, to Receiving Loving Guidance & Help from the Father

As soon as he saw me I saw him. It was freaky. I must have looked like the anti-son. Long hair hanging out from a bandanna, dark sunglasses, rolling with a couple of older guys I hardly knew. I was even embarrassed that he sighted me. I think he tried to make a gesture of reconciliation. He made a motion towards me and yelled out, "Ronnie!"...I was just gripped when I heard his voice...saw his frame. Then I just slow mo-ed like before a car crash "Nooooo!" It was like a soul Brown-Out. I fazed. It was too much for me. No chance would I go towards him, instead I just ran away...I just bailed. I bolted. There might have been some love there, I just couldn't cop to it. It was gritty. (recalling an unexpected encounter with my father while I was a 17 year old runaway)

I remember that day with angst in my heart, the helplessness I saw on my father's face and my own sadness with fear I felt. If this was supposed to be "father knows best," I wouldn't know it. So inept, so completely incapable of seeing my father as safe, as any kind of refuge I had hoped, at least sometime would be with him and I. How did it get this way?

I felt deeply that the soul of my father was in a great pain. Even then as a seventeen year old with a history of a relationship with my father which produced anything but closeness, I too had long, held out hope.

In a very strange way I connected with him in that instant, we were both so much alike and so far apart. Nothing in either of us could close the gap, not age, not being apart, not adulthood, even not death. We'll at least in death I approached some sense of finality; an uneasy and surreal truth that laid aside the combativeness between us that denied any alliance.

It may have been in tragedy that I could begin to approach an absolution I could not earn with him as a living father.

Daddy o' Daddy I mumbled, why have you left?

It brought a cold psalm that I would sing, an ode to my father I would have to privately love across oceans of consciousness. I wonder if he would ever find pride in me, find appreciation in thy son. Why would it matter to me? He was gone. I would wonder would I ever know the gifts of my father.

Who art thee, o' father? Hardly could I leave off... for I knew it so, that if I could not know and love the lesser (my human father) who, I could see, how can I love, He (greater) that I cannot see? Terrible...terrible, is my plight.

There is a Spiritual and practical lesson here. Here is the Mystery of the soul, of both the father and the son becoming. How it is that the father too commands the soul to come home. How it is that the son needs the father to find his way and yet he must enter in.

Somewhere in this, it seems that we can make no greater resolution with the greater flame of Father in Spirit, than by how high we can lift up the image of our own human father.

Maybe, it is that we meet our image of father on the bridge of life itself. Everything we do or become is impacted by our association and integration of the father Principle. If the Mother can be more accessible and comforting, the Father does not so easily make himself known, such as Spirit.

To endure from a sense of separation from Father can lead to a waywardness of the soul. Inconsistency, vacillation, veering from one's purpose and moorings. Where, there is present the interplay of the trusting, desiring part of the soul of the son to know and seek the gifts and assistance of the flame of the father, there is cooperation and advancement.

As could be the cause with sons and or daughters, where there is the interruption or even defiance, the offspring can take on a pattern of determining; "I will set out and make it on my own," I will find my way

In this, "going forth" can be established a predestination to often ignore or displace those who may come to teach, guide or even correct. It may come in the form of one's parents or authority or the Ascended Master, teacher or guru.

The son or daughter can easily and unconsciously undervalue the purpose or role of the "Father," in human form or as the inviolate Spirit that is an inavoidable part of our wholeness.

When the soul becomes overly sensitive to pronouncements, fearing criticism or even abject unacceptance to direction, one simply, "blows off " or "waves on" the one sent to help.

Equally complexing becomes the scenario where the one holding the office of father, is themselves, a mixed bag.

The soul of the son or the daughter evaluates the imperfections of the vessel, then thinking one's action to be correct and disbelieving simply dismisses or ignores, inwardly speaking to themselves,"well, consider the source."

Many a soul, have endured the foible, of believing themselves to be, "self correcting," suffered.

Here, we arrive at the importance of transcending the imperfect, absent, unloving and undeserving manifestations of, what has fallen before the father consciousness.

"Lay it aside, for in usual hopes, I would seek thee, but alas, I consider I would know thee not"

Thus, it is both Son and Father that must traverse and overcome that cumbersome road of experience and erect instead the image complete, even while becoming, that union and integration.

Did this just come about, or what precedent has occurred?

Later on in life, it had been suggested to me by a Spiritual teacher, that often we draw to ourselves the embodiment of the imperfect father because; perhaps in previous lives we may have "rejected" the person and office of those who came as the example of true loving father.

Does it make sense that we "get" a less inclined, "Father figure," not as developed in principle and example? Or perhaps these roles revisits us, where we may have in previous opportunities, ourselves, neglected the responsibilities of being Father to another, so cycles return?

Always assume you have some accountability I was taught.

It does take on our part a certain willingness to examine the possible circumstances and outplaying of events, occurring.

Here, it is the Father energy that can help us. To know the Father knows the boundaries and even where injury or insult may come upon us, it is the father that in its impersonal Nature guides us. We must be able to summon this place inside of us, whether we are a man or woman that can view dispassionately, that can create space when necessary.

The Father energy can provide temperance. It does not endear itself too greatly by either exaltation or loss.

The Buddha was also a great progenitor of the Father principle, in that he taught the middle way. To rear oneself only towards favorableness in an age of Karma is madness. Surely a circumstance meets one to test the soul.

It is the Father Principle that gave to the Christ the power to preach and receive devotion and to know that betrayal and sacrifice would come. In this, with an impersonal love for man he could none the less move forward with his mission and work. Here is the faithfulness in the trust of the Supreme Father Principle, imploring the energies of Spirit, "Father into thy hands I commend my spirit," nevertheless not my will but thine be done.

Sometimes life compels that we learn to move our attention from that which is not serving the higher self or purpose that we may then grow.

It has also been suggested or inclined that we as evolving souls and beings with self-enlightened interests in overcoming, take on the example of, one that personifies greater mastery. One that can reflect that integration of wholeness back to us.

Often, before we can accept and appropriate in our consciousness the greater bearer of divine love to us, we must unchain, the captive one's we have kept in the dungeon of undeserving ness.

Who we might ask has carried our crosses? Whom have we allowed to be the "boogey man?"

Learning to let that one off the hook and yourself also, where the pattern of experience shouts to be washed of forgiveness' flame, also frees us to become disentangled of binding energy.

Violet Fire Penetrate
Violet Fire Consume
Violet Fire Raise up in me
Violet Fire illume.

Into the flame I leave
A lesser sense of me
Rising from that Alchemy
I find new Victory!

One could even adopt as the "Father Principal" the example of an Ascended Master, like Saint Germain, El Morya or Lanello (Mark Prophet).


Mark Prophet's face summons up prototypal Alpha imagery. Cast him with an Airman's cap and bomber coat and he's an easy fighter pilot. Not ostensibly swashbuckling, he's got that polite and disarming persona needed to be a door-to-door salesman. Add his booming and colorful inflections and folksy manner and you've got an itinerant preacher.

The soul of Mark Prophet was especially helpful to the causes of a 1950's boom in the emerging metaphysical landscape in New Thought and Eastern Mysticism, Americana Style.

Born, in heartland reared, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, Prophet himself as a boy had been devotedly favored in Orthodoxy, until interrupted by a Spiritually transcending encounter with an Eastern Adept called El Morya.

Ever the devoted pursuer of Inner truth, Mark would eventually reconcile his prominently Western inclinations of religion and begin tutelage with the Master M.

In 1958, Mark Prophet would establish the founding of the Summit Lighthouse as an activity to assist emissaries of light known as the Ascended Masters.

Able to benefit from some of the successes of an earlier movement called the IAM Activity and also through the migration of the Theosophical Society even before in the late 1800's, the Summit Lighthouse helped increase the awareness of Cosmic truths and Universal understandings put forth by the Ascended Master teachings.

Mark Prophet accelerated in both his training, and integration in a path of self-mastery, the Ascended Masters taught, that all beings who had achieved their liberation in the light had accomplished.

Prophet's advancement and surrender to the law of divine love, enabled him to become a "messenger" for the Ascended Masters releases and discourses intended to restore mankind with a one on one relationship with their God ward identity called the "IAM Presence."

Mark spent his years teaching receptive souls that this Union of the Soul with the Real or Permanent self was not exclusive to only the Christ or special sons or daughters like Buddha or a privileged few.

Part of Mark Prophet's most cherished attributes was that he really loved to impart to people the hope and understanding of their Universal Destiny and freedom. Even when concepts that were being presented might seem lofty or beyond reach, Mark knew the fires in the heart would always be expanded by helpfulness and charity. He loved to be among people and his radiance extended out to to simple and learned alike.

Mark Prophet passed from the screen of life in 1973. He was able to by the close of this lifetime achieve his immortal freedom and victory and today, he continues to serve unascended mankind known as the Ascended Master Lanello.

Many of Mark Prophet's books and experiences with the Ascended Masters are available through the Summit Lighthouse and Summit University Press.

It also helps to resurrect the image and pattern of all Fathers, by learning to express and imitate the "principles" of the Father, both within ourselves and towards all that hold that office.

Surely, our daily encounters will give us opportunity to tend to some part of life that can benefit from loving father energies. No less is the reminder that resides right within ourselves that greatest yet, we must Father also our own soul.

We can choose to embrace the one sent to be the personification of teacher, especially the nuances of becoming a loving example to the soul.

The higher role of the father is intended to the preparer of the way and the path for the soul to meet the "initiator," or those that occupies the office of the Christ or the Buddha, while we, (the soul) are yet becoming.

That is why the Father Flame at Higher Levels understands and is in his right place as protector and Guardian of the Soul. Saint Joseph, which was an embodiment of Saint Germain, knew and fulfilled this role as Father to Jesus and Husband to Mary.

The Son or Daughter can assist the Victory of the Father by bringing in with right measure and love their interest and awakening of their own soul potential that it may be nurtured and helped in the presence of the Father.

There is immeasurable Joy in the heart of the Father that sees the progression and enfoldment of the Soul that seeks its maturity and expression in its true God Flame. The Father's purpose is then exalted and expanded that there is the lawful and full outpouring of gifts and divine love that the soul of the son or daughter may succor on.

All becomes then, made aright. Made a new.

Some years ago, I had a great dream of reconciliation that opened my heart even more to my human father who died 14 years ago. This dream showed me what I knew already that life has a transcendental quality. That we are never really separated in time and space and it is never too late to find love and forgive, to give love and hope.

In this dream I came upon the image of my father I mostly knew as a boy, one who was in my image ever strong and fearful, who I had know to not express himself through love and gentleness, but by force and intimidation.

He was at it again, and he was yelling at me, for me, I thought yet again finding something to disagree about. Except, I was no longer slight as a boy, but more fuller in stature and countenance. Though his voice still, would seem to instill apprehension I was really no longer threatened by him. He appeared to be infirmed in a bed and my heart in spite of our history had softened for him, I had compassion for his soul.

As I got closer to his bed, his upper body was still strong, his face and expression was forceful, somehow in his movements, his covering fell off his legs as he sat up. As I looked upon him I saw his lower form was emaciated as how the muscle and tone withers from one who has become paralyzed. I saw his skinny, unmovable legs and it deflated any sense that this man could be an opponent for me any more. I felt again a great stream of compassion for his soul and desired that, whatever burdened his heart had carried for life, be dissolved by my tears.

I saw my father so deserved to go home, to be in the comfort of the great loving Father that is Spirit. I so desired for his soul, he'd be taken to a place of healing. I knew from my own inner experiences and metaphysical studies these temples of light existed. I felt the plight and burden of his soul, but I also believed he would be prepared for another incarnation and I would pray for his victory.

In a way, I hoped even in this dream he would know at our level I never desired to withhold love from him. I felt the comfort flame come upon me and towards my father; I wanted to extend that to him. I even felt that I had become father to my own human father in that moment.

It was in me and I could give it to him, what I had. Maybe my life lesson with my father was so that I could learn this about this "fathering flame" though even he may not have been able to offer it to me as a boy or as a son.

I was grateful to God to be able to give it to him. In the dream I bent over to pick up the sheet that had fallen and then re-covered my father. In my eyes and heart he was redeemed. He then seemed to become quieted and could then lay back in the bed.

I was able to leave him there, but I have realized for years after I am still discovering and solving this mystery of the gifts of the father. As years went by I was able to realize many helpful lessons about life were transferred to me by my father's example. It was no longer just a period of my life I tried to ignore. There were merits in our relationship and they became a basis for love.

In a way, I felt my own growth and understanding for my human father only left me on the "porch" of comprehending the greater more mysterious portion of Father as Spirit.

There is the Spiritual axiom as above so below, what principles work on this plane, work as above. Fruitful and hopeful I remain as things suggest I may come to sup with Him as above. Know me I am a consuming Fire! Abba (Father)

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Please feel free to contact me, at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments. If you would like to see the pictures and illustrations that go with this article," click the following link

Ron Henry writes a range of personal, down to earth articles focusing on a more insightful sometimes Spiritual, Mystical purposes and discovery. Hopefully these articles stand alone as inspiration and even sometimes, whimsy and wit to a contemplative side of Life. Most of these and others have been posted in the navigation bar of that explores Ron's research and experiences with Saint Germain, Ron has perceived since childhood.

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