Trading Tips No 6: The High Cost of Low Cost Stock Market Information

It has been said that low cost or even free stock market information or trading advice can be the most expensive advice you can get. The meaning is clear. You get what you pay for.

In order to win in the markets consistently, you must have a winning edge and you must execute it faithfully. But as we all know this is far from easy. Average annual returns in excess of 10% with good risk management are difficult to achieve and average returns of 20% and greater are a rarity. Clearly a trading system that has the potential to achieve 20% or greater average returns with limited risk is hard to find and worth a lot.

Then why do so many people eagerly look for low cost or stock market information advice from the news networks, the financial channel's commentary of the day, brokerage analyst reports and other hot tips; not to mention low cost trading systems?

Of course, if this free stock market information advice were actually useful, the public would routinely be enjoying 20% returns or greater year in and year out. The common belief is that somehow people that really know how to make money consistently over time are willing to share that knowledge with everyone else for free or for a low fee. That's not the real world, but that erroneous belief persists to this day.

The bottom line: Truly high quality stock market information is more than worth the cost when you consider the high potential returns that are possible.

If you would like to learn more about stock market information and you have a computer and a burning desire to seize success, then you have what it takes to personally unearth Bill's Astonishing, step by step trading secrets... BUT ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME.

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