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Starbucks Stock is Up

Starbucks earnings are up again and so is their stock slightly. It appears they are exporting America's weakness to caffeine and sugar around the world. This seems to serve the company's profits well and nations like China have quite an emerging population to sell to. Think of the exporting of tobacco and the riches the orient has given. Perhaps this is the answer to our advancing trade deficit. Should you have Starbucks in your portfolio?

Selling drugs has always been a worldwide moneymaker from the Afghanistan Poppies to the Columbian Cocaine. Caffeine is a much milder substance, like some of the other "Ine" drugs such as morphine, codine, nicotine, etc. As the addiction of Starbucks moves across the planet, it might be worth a look into the dynamics of addiction and what this could mean for your retirement investments. Many people have gotten rich off the selling of drugs. After all Osama Bin Laden and the Talley Bandits have been able to use those funds to stave off the most mighty army in the world. The good thing about investing in Starbucks is you do not have to live in a cave and hide out to get a piece of the action.

Excessive sugar in one's diet we know contributes to early diabetes and in children causes issues with brain functions while they are still forming. ADHD seems to be a problem in our society. So it is better to export it than to have these issues so prevalent here. Just like the tobacco issues and cancer, better them than us. Sell tobacco outside the US and not to our citizens here. Just think you can make money in the stock market by supporting obesity in other nations and be helping our trade deficit at the same time. Think about how good this could be as Starbucks expands to other nations?

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