Seasonality: Whats the Big Deal?

Do you work in or own a business that's affected by seasonal cycles? Do you live in a community whose population changes significantly during the year (e.g., tourist influx, students returning to college)? Do you ever feel stressed out or frustrated by the seemingly constant changes or the extreme highs and lows of your life or your business?

Many people feel that these cyclical changes are just something they have to tolerate. Never mind that your relationships, physical health, and your sanity can be stretched to the breaking point during busy seasons. Or that you're so tired by the end of busy seasons that you simply don't have any resources left for anything else.

Cash Flow Can Be a Problem

If you make most of your money in three or four months of the year, how can you plan your expenses over all twelve months? And if your predictions about what you'll make during the busy season are wrong-you can have serious problems. Wouldn't it be great to approach a new season with money left in the bank from last season? By caring about and paying attention to your cash flow, you can stop worrying about making ends meet during the slower seasons.

Your Personal Relationships May Get Shortchanged

During your time of high activity, you see no one. Your partner, your friends, your family-all have to live without you for a few months. Well, what if they get used to doing without you? What if they become so tired of your not being around for them, that they stop being around for you? It doesn't take a great deal of time to pay attention to your personal relationships during your busy season, and it's an investment that pays off handsomely.

Your Physical Health May Be at Risk

How many more years can you push yourself to your physical limits in order to meet the ever-increasing demands of your busy season?

Getting Stuck on the Stress Roller Coaster

Do you love roller coasters? It's easy to get addicted to the adrenaline rush of the big hills and the loop-the-loops. Ever been stuck on one, or ride the same one many times in a day? It's one of the most boring things ever. The view never changes, the thrill of the unknown dwindles, and you just can't wait to get off. The same thing happens if you find yourself stuck on the roller coaster of seasonal stresses. Instead of rolling with the ups and downs, you become stressed all the time. How can you get off the ride? Check out the Ten Ways to Reduce Stress This Season?free!

Seasonal Changes Can Be Isolating

Living with seasonal changes can make you feel unique. Not many people get to live on Martha's Vineyard, right? Not many people get to have the summers off, especially if they're not teachers?aren't you lucky? Well, the very things that make your life or your business unique may also make you feel alone. You feel like you shouldn't complain because you live in paradise; or because summer vacation is built into your job. Luckily, there are many ways to find and communicate with people who are experiencing the same things you are: online communities, networking meetings, coaching groups. Sharing ideas, stories, and hints for dealing with seasonal changes can go a long way to helping you feel more connected and less stressed.

"That's the Way It Is" Is Not a Valid Argument

Just because you live in a seasonal community, or work in a seasonal business, doesn't mean you are required to be miserable during the busy season. Being able to successfully deal with the stresses of seasonal cycles can have a wide-ranging impact. If you are happier and more confident, your customers (family, co-workers, etc.) will be too.

(c)2005 Barbara Bellissimo.

Barbara Bellissimo is a women's life transformation coach, and author of the book, "Become Your Own Great and Powerful: A Woman's Guide to Leading Your Real, Big Life."

Visit to get her no-cost special report--"Turn On Your Power and Lead Your Self to Greatness"--and her easy-to- use tools and ideas for leading the real, big life you want--right now!

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