Vendor Relations Strategies Sample Outline

One of the quintessential parts to any business is your supply chain. To insure that the supplies are there when you need them; in this new day and age of "just in time" distribution where very little sits on warehouse shelves until you order it you will need excellent vendor relations. Without the help of your vendors a small customer need turns into a astronomical problem and if you cannot solve it or serve your customer, you will indeed lose that customer to someone else who will. Someone who has constantly maintained a close relationship with their vendors in fact and can get what they need quickly with a simple phone. You say; "you wish it was that easy!" Yes, I hear you, yet I have seen over the years that with the proper vendor team, you can do anything, build anything, create anything and move forward faster than any competitor ever dreamed of. How do I know? Well, I built a multi-state franchise company with no outside investors from the smallest of small businesses, that's how.

Now then do you have a vendor relations policy, strategy or manual? We do and have for some time having learned the lessons the hard way and developing a strong set of team partners, which included every single one of our company's vendors. Below is an outline to assist you in developing your vendor strategy plan. Now remember my business is much different than your business. We are in the mobile car wash business so you will need to slightly modify this outline and then put pen to paper for about 3-4 paragraphs per item in the new outline you create by copying and modifying this one. When completed you will have all you need to build the next SpaceShip One. Think on this.



A. Treat Vendors Like You Want Customers To Treat You

B. Franchisor As Vendor

C. Suppliers List, Help Them


A. Tires

B. Gas

C. Conditioned Water

D. Laundry Mats

E. Health Food Stores

F. Lunch

G. Telephone Service

H. Internet Provider

I. Cellular Company

J. Wells Fargo

K. Hose Company

L. Etc.


A. Lunch

B. Haircut

C. Gym

D. Tune-Ups

E. Be Fair

F. Have Fun

G. Refer Clients

H. Invite Co-Op Advertisers

I. Try To Trade Everything

J. Follow Through

K. Ask to Leave Flyers On Counters


A. In Advance

B. In Cash

C. Call If Late

D. Drop Off Money

E. Personal Visits

F. C.O.D. - U.P.S.

G. Arrangements

H. Free Car Wash For Late Pay

I. Don't Say 'Check Is In The Mail'

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

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