Stress Management Techniques

Self-Care Strategies:

Substantial breakfast daily
Regular sleeping habits (minimum of 7 hours)
No smoking
Moderate use of alcohol, caffeine and other drugs
Minimal intake of sugar & highly processed foods
Maintenance of proper weight
Regular exercise program
Drink much more water than you usually do.

Relaxation Techniques:

Jog in place or do jumping jacks-count to 300
Roll head and torso from side to side
Tense your muscles individually, then relax them
Pull seat of chair for 5-count: repeat with legs xtended
Take a deep breath to count of 4, exhale to 4, and repeat 4 times
Massage your forehead or temples; repeat the word "calm"
Try to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. Walk off your worry.
Meditate for 20 minutes
Listen to music and close your eyes
Take a power nap. Train yourself to sleep for 12 minutes.

Time Management:

Decide what your time is worth. Hire some tasks done.
Learn to delegate. You don't have to do or supervise everything.
Set priorities.
Invest your time in the thing that will give you the highest return on your investment.
Plan your day according to energy levels.
Manage the paper tiger. Try to handle paper only once.

New Ideas for Success: Always have a plan B in mind.
People with options are happier.
Set realistic life goals and work toward them daily.
Let go of uncomfortable situations and toxic relationships.
Practice setting boundaries in an Assertitive but respectful manner.
Assume responsibility for your own choices.

Remember the 4 things that matter most:

Please forgive me, I forgive you, Thank you and I love you.

Give top priority to your primary relationships.

Stressors in life- Stressors in life- Stressors in life- Stressors in life- Stressors in life- Stressors in life

Trying to control things you can't control----Not living one day at a time-----Lack of goals

Not clear on your values----Unrealistic expectations of yourself and others----Negative attitude and outlook----Procrastination----Trying to keep secrets----Listening to gossip----Taking on more than you can physically or emotionally handle----Lack of balance in all areas of your life----Unhealthy habits----Changes, either good or bad ones----Lack of faith in the future----negative self-talk.

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