8 Practical Methods to Remain Empowered During Stressful Times

1. Acknowledge that requesting support, guidance and partnership is not the same as being needy. Allowing someone else to give freely to you primes the pump in the universal law of giving and receiving. There are as many blessings to the giver as there are to the receiver: being open to receiving invites flow as well as empowerment for all.

2. Continue to tap into any communities you are involved in prior to your stressful situation. (Communities = Groups of people with whom you have positive, interactive relationships on an ongoing basis.) Even if it might feel more natural to withdraw, "showing up" will be the most integral aspect of ongoing empowerment for you as well as for the rest of the community.

3. Remain your authentic self even as you struggle. It is easy to begin to perceive yourself as suddenly "less than" who you are when you are challenged. Suggestions to staying steadfastly authentic include repeating (and acting upon) positive affirmations, revisiting and connecting to your life purpose and/or mission, request feedback from positive friends.

4. Persist in centered-ness without being overly ego-centric. Be completely self focused means being out of alignment. Both grandiosity and self degradation are symptoms of an unhealthy focus. Practice living on purpose through focusing upon who you are being as you are in a stressful situation.

5. Make your requests known. While this may be difficult to do when fully mired in the muck of a downward spiral, call to yourself to make a practice of letting others know exactly what would provide empowerment at this time. Ask not from a victim standpoint, instead ask from a partnership perspective. Invite people to join in partnership with you to provide solutions.

6. As a follow up to #5, gratefully accept the assistance your partners choose to provide for you. Again, look towards them not as people throwing you a life preserver, instead look at them as people who are swimming alongside you to shore, encouraging and equipping you to get there safely so you can in turn do the same for others in the future.

7. Even at the most difficult phases of life, where you feel as if you are completely tapped out, there is still room for you to give. Oftentimes the joy of giving from the heart will elevate a soul enough to begin bridging the gap from stress to joy.

8. Remember to always turn towards love. Grow towards greatness. Be aware that there are two basic choices: love or fear. Always, always, always focus upon love. Honor yourself with loving compassion especially when you are in difficult times. Do not judge yourself. Love yourself, attract love TO yourself, dwell in the knowledge that there are lessons to be learned and joy at the place where you see the curve in the road up ahead.

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