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Job Stress Management Tips

Today's workplace produces plenty of stress. Life's little hassles mount up until you say to yourself, "If one more thing goes wrong today, I'll explode." Don't reach for the aspirin bottle, try these stress management tips.

Can we eliminate the stressors of modern work life? No. The trick is learning how to manage the stress versus being overwhelmed by it. Here are seven stress management tips

Know the enemy.
What, exactly, is stressing you out? Is it your job? Your home life? Your relationships? Without knowing the root of the problem, you are unlikely to resolve it.

Share the load.
Delegate whenever possible. Don't fall into the trap of thinking you are the only person who can do the job right. Your coworkers and boss might start to buy into that concept as well.

Get a fresh outlook.
Whoops! I made a mistake. Okay. The world is not going to come to an end. Stress often comes from taking yourself and the job too seriously.

Be a kid again?play.
Put your job concerns aside for five minutes and concentrate on something of fun. Use your break time to work a crossword puzzle, play a quick game of Frisbee, listen to some good music, etc. A few minutes spent playing brings renewed energy to the job.

Let go.
Recognize the difference between the things you can control and the things you cannot. Make a list of these two categories. Stop stressing about the things in your job you have no control over.

Develop a tough skin.
Try not to personalize any criticism you receive. Look at negative comments as constructive criticism that allows you to improve your work.

Don't make work your life.
Job stress builds when our minds are constantly focused on work. Strive for balance in your life. Make time for family, friends, hobbies and, most importantly, fun.

You man need to giveyour job the heave-ho. You know it's time to quit when:

  • You've tried all the appropriate channels and methods for resolving your situation, to no avail.
  • You are not challenged and so bored that you hate to go to work every day.
  • Your boss is intimidating, disrespectful or demeaning to you.
  • Stress is a fact of life, but it need not be a way of life. Every job has stress. It is an inevitable consequence of living and working with others. Effective stress managers know how to reduce the harmful effects while retaining the energy and creativity needed to work and live in a stressful environment.

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