Getting Rid of Your Frustrations

Punch a pillow

Scream into a pillow

Turn on your favorite music and dance, sing...who cares who sees you. In fact your kids just might think moms lost it and laugh and join in.

Bake something you love. Brownies, cake, smoothies.

Turn your anger on to a task you hate doing, you'll be surprised to see how easy it is to do... mopping the floor instead of using a mop get into clothes you don't care about get on your hands and knees and "mop" take out your frustrations with the dirt!

Go for a walk... even if its cold out, bundle up go for a little walk, not only will you feel invigorated but if you look at the things around you you'll see all the pretty things around you and you'll appreciate more of what you have.

Get on the floor and play with your kids, nothing reminds you of being a carefree kid then playing with yours.

Pamper yourself, take 30 minutes to paint your nails, take a hot bath, and read a little, even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom like I do!!!

The most important thing to remember is to think about you the way you want others to think about you. If you have a bad image of yourself you will send out that image to others.

Be positive and others will see you as a positive person.

I'm not a perfect person, who is? It has taken me years to learn this lesson and it's a daily struggle to remember that I am a good person, that I deserve happiness. So what if when I Iook in the mirror I don't always like what I see... what's really important is what others see and I don't mean physically. How you feel is what others see. I know how hard it is to fake being happy I have done it so many times. Guess what? If you can forget about the things that are bothering you and focus on what you have it does start to change your attitude.

I know many here will think I'm crazy but if you love yourself for who you are now, who you want to be will eventually shine through. We all tend to put too much focus on how others see us (physically and monetary) and then start to whittle ourselves down... "She's smaller, brighter, happier, richer then me," There will always be someone around you who is what we think we should look like or be like. What we need to do is see what we have and focus on that.

Find out what you like about yourself. You may have a great sense of humor, you are caring, you're an excellent cook, you love to sew, paint etc. Focus on good things about yourself. Try for a couple days to write down the good things about yourself and only focus on those things.

Remember nobody's perfect. Everybody has flaws, its how you deal with them that make a difference.


Write in your journal

Read the paper

Just sit on your porch with a cup of coffee or tea and watch the sun come up (yeah I am up that early...)






Whatever it is you enjoy doing or miss doing now that you are a mom, do it... I know there are days that you honestly won't have just make sure you take at least 2 days a week to do something for yourself.

Even if you have to schedule a time in your day planner till it becomes a habit do that. Is 30 minutes a day too much to start out with? Then take 15 minutes a day!

Yes, I said schedule time for you!

I had to do that in the beginning, I was so used to doing everything. Staying up late to finish an assignment, or finish the last load of laundry, or finish something for work.

Being a mom does mean a lot of the things we are used to doing for ourselves, even the little things are left behind as we try to be super mom! Guess what? All being a super mom does is get you more frustrated! So what if the house is a little messy, so what if there are still a few dinner dishes left in the sink. Go take a break first, and then you can do the other things that are bugging you.

I know its very hard for me to go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink, but I must say there are nights were I decide I've had enough, I go take a bath or just sit and watch TV, after that little break, guess what? I feel energized to do the dishes; I don't dread doing them anymore because I had a few minutes doing something I enjoyed.

Let me tell you this, I live in a 90-year-old house that has terrible water pressure so I can't have a dishwasher so I get to do the dishes by hand! Yep by hand! I like to do the dishes when everyone is asleep, why? Because its my quiet time, believe it or not I have come up with some really good ideas while doing my dishes, but this is after I took a nice relaxing bath or just watched a TV show I liked. See I am relaxed, I feel good about myself I no longer feel like I am being taken advantage of.

I made time for me!

Don't take on more than you can handle, I do this all the time; I love to be able to be the helper. I want to help solve everyone's problems, but then I forget about what I am feeling I take on too much. This only leads to frustration and a feeling of anger.

Rebecca is a WAHM to 3 wonderful boys ages 11, 9 and 3. She owns her own internet marketing website for all work at home persons at and just started a website to help moms have a safe place to go for all moms of all walks of life. Article is taken from her full ebook "Time for Moms" to order s-ebook.html $9.95

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