Relieving Stress

Where does stress really come from? Is there any simple way to reduce it or to stop it?


Stress comes from the thoughts you choose to think in each and every moment.

The first thing is that you need to be aware of the thought that you are thinking. Most of us walk around not really being aware of what is going on in our brains.

Take a moment and really notice what is going on in your brain, are your thoughts positive? Are they keeping you stuck? Are they less than positive?

Once you become aware of your thoughts then you can do something about them. Just because a situation occurs that you do not like, that does not need to cause you stress. Take for example you are in a hurry to get someplace. You are waiting at the stop light and the car in front of you becomes stalled. At that precise moment, you have a choice, you can become stressed over the situation or you can choose to assist the person in the car in getting the car moved. By choosing to assist the person in moving their car, you did not get stressed and you also created positive feelings in the world for both you and the person you assisted.

Stress is very damaging to our bodies, minds and spirits. Stress is literally killing our society in one form or another. Look at all the addictions people have in our society. Addictions are a form of escapism, often these addictions start due to stress.

Stress throws our bodies out of balance and suppresses our immune system. So when we choose to feel stressed by something or someone we are literally ruining our health. As for our spirits, it contracts when we feel stressed. By choosing not to feel stressed in our lives we create a better world for everyone to live in.

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Diane Castell is the author of the book Secrets to Vibrant Health. She studies and learns natural healing methods and is a Reiki Master, Rapid Eye Technician, Professional Kinesiologist, Touch for Health, Trained in the use of Essential Oils and does consulting with people to assist them in regaining their health. You can e-mail her at [email protected] or visit her website at

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