Stress - What We Say is Half the Problem

Everywhere I go, I hear the same unpleasant sentence repeated over and over again. I think it has to be one of the most frequently used sentences. What is it? - I am sooooo s-t-r-e-s-s-e-d.

The trouble is, how good do you feel when you share that sentence with people? Does your energy level increase so that you feel productive and willing to battle the challenges you face in your day, or does it make you want to curl up and hibernate in bed?

In my new book, Fast Track Your Success and Happiness, I explain that the emotions we feel at any moment have a direct link with the words we say to ourselves and others. If we are busy sharing the sorrows of our miserable (and stressful) existence it should not be surprising if we continue to feel lousy. What is really crazy though, is when we are actually having a good time, someone asks how we are, we snap to our habitual response of "oh, I am soooo stresssed" and SNAP all of a sudden we are feeling bad and we don't really know why.

As much as you may really believe you are stressed, exclaiming it to friends, family members and co-workers is simply a bad habit. One that makes you feel worse immediately, and the only meagre pleasure that comes from it is receiving someone elses pity. Not that that lasts long, because before you know it you have to hear all about why that person is stressed too. Then once you have both discussed why you are feeling stressed and feel well and truly flat and demotivated you are no longer in the frame of mind for solving the initial problem.

So here is an exercise. Decide today, that for the next week, you will not use the S-word. Banish it from your vocuabulary. If someone else starts saying the S-word, change the subject. Surprise them and make them laugh! Do not give in!

You will probably find by the end of the week that you got more done, felt better whle you were doing it, had better conversations with people, AND worked out a plan for reducing the pressure on you in the future.

(C) Copyright Petra Rankin 2005

Petra Rankin used powerful techniques to beat her own long-term depression. She is now dedicated to teaching others how to be happier and lead more successful lives. Her first book Fast Track Your Success and Happiness is due to be launched in September 2005 and is currently available for download as a free e-book instead of paying $19.95. Limited time only!

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