Rising to the Top: Overcoming Bad Situations

We've all been there, right? We find ourselves living with the weight of our circumstances growing heavier by the day. We agonize over the "what if" questions and wonder just how we'll ever get out from under the burdens we bear. Our thoughts rattle around like that little metal ball in a pinball machine. Growing more and more frustrated, we begin thinking thoughts we never thought we'd think.

Before we go on, understand that some emotional or mental conditions cannot be helped with an article; you might need professional help. Before you do anything impulsive or irrational, seek the help of a qualified mental health professional.

For those little nagging nuisances, consider the following formula for overcoming them. Just remember the word CARE!

Change what you can and ignore what you can't change. Many people spend valuable hours debating situations over which they exercise no control or influence. Put your energies toward the changeable elements of your life.

Ask for the opinion of an outsider you trust. When you are immersed in a situation you sometimes can't see the real problem. When you give someone else the opportunity to evaluate your situation you might discover some insights you didn't initially see.

Relax by doing something that takes your mind off of your situation. When I feel stressed, one of the best things I can do is work in my yard. You might need to read a book, take a walk, or listen to some music. Just take the time to do that thing that has the ability to positively affect your frame of mind.

Eat like you should. Stress does strange things to one's appetite. Make sure you are getting the proper nutrition and stay away from comfort foods that are unhealthy. Your mind needs proper nutrition to function correctly. When you are not eating right, you'll find it hard to think and, therefore, solve problems.

If you will CARE--change, ask, relax, and eat--your problems might not go away. However, you will find it easier to deal with those problems so that you rise to the occasion rather than being crushed by the circumstances. Think about it!

Dr. Terry Hadaway is a leading authority on adult learning and is a professor of critical thinking. In addition, he is a popular author, conference leader, and speaker. Visit http://www.thinkezine.com for more information.

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