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Have you ever looked around and wondered how everyone is buying houses? Are they really doing that much better than you are? Maybe. Maybe not. Some people have gone deep into debt to purchase a home and are teetering on the brink of financial free fall. Others used creative unconventional financing to afford a home. There may be not-yet discovered risks and consequences to this type of home financing. But there is a fairly substantial group of people who were able to buy a house because they were the recipients of some unexpected or untraditional cash windfall.

A contest winning, an inheritance, or an insurance settlement are three financial gifts which open doors that were previously closed due to insufficient funds. Winning the lottery or sweepstakes or casino jackpot can mean some great money for a new home. I wouldn't count on winning money though to make your home owning dreams a reality. An inheritance is more likely, cashing in when loved ones shuffle off their mortal coil, leaving you a loving treasure. Many people are able to use an inheritance to buy a home. And pretty much as common as being left money and winning money is being rewarded money.

A structured settlement is established when the court decides someone owes someone else a lot of money. This is often paid out over time in smaller increments via an annuity. Plenty of people are living off of settlement checks or buying houses with lump sum settlements. So what do the rest of us do if their lottery eludes us, our relatives are financially barren, and we have no cause to sue anyone for money? We work, and save and scrimp and plan. Sure we hope we get lucky, but we're not holding our breath.

Jason Rigler
Customer Services Director Prosperity Partners is a financial services company devoted to servicing the needs of structured settlement holders, annuity recipients, and lottery winners.

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Eureka Times Standard

You and the Law: Have a structured settlement with Pacific Life?
Eureka Times Standard
This month, Newport Beach, California-based Pacific Life hosted a fabulous six-day event halfway around the world for the U.S. structured settlement industry. According to the invitation, the gathering at the Four Seasons Maldives wasn't a junket but ...

Hanford Sentinel

You and the Law: Do you have a structured settlement with Pacific Life?
Hanford Sentinel
Accident victim lawyers I know expect and view structured settlement brokers as acting in a fiduciary capacity for their clients and develop trusting relations with these people. Yes, brokers are paid fairly standard commission by the insurance ...

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Bora Bora or Bust: Annuity Sales Incentives May Taint Structured Settlements for Accident Victims
Kiplinger's Personal Finance
That's why every year, tens of thousands of injury victims settle legal claims with a structured settlement. This involves trading a cash settlement for long-term, tax-free income funded by an annuity. It's a smart choice and encouraged by the federal ...

Legal Talk Network

Non-Qualified Structured Settlements & Taxes Part Two
Legal Talk Network
In part two of Ringler Radio's podcast on non-qualified structured settlements, host Larry Cohen and co-host Cindy Chanley talk with returning guest, tax attorney Robert Wood from Wood LLP, about the tax implications of structuring a settlement in a ...


Tax Benefits Of Structured Settlements In Employment Cases
Structured settlements can drastically reduce the plaintiff's tax liability in employment cases. This is because the settlement proceeds are not paid directly to the plaintiff. The money is paid to fund an annuity which then provides a future income ...
Not Your Grandfather's Structured Settlement (Or Is It?)Legal Examiner

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Legal Examiner

What is a Structured Settlement?
Legal Examiner
A structured settlement is a planning solution used by some people who receive a settlement from a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit or a workers compensation claim. Those who decide to structure will receive compensation from their settlement ...

Asset Securitization Report

JG Wentworth's next ABS features less exposure to annuities
Asset Securitization Report
The initial collateral for J.G. Wentworth XLII LLC, Series 2018-2 is 97.4% structured settlements, up from 96.6% for the prior deal and the highest concentration of any deal over the past five years. Annuities account for 2.4% of the collateral, down ...

Cardinal Health exec pay should include opioid settlements, shareholders say
Becker's Hospital Review
"As it is structured now, Cardinal may insulate senior executives from legal risks by removing associated costs from the metrics that determine their incentive compensation." Cardinal's board of directors urged shareholders not to adopt the proposal.

Legal Talk Network

ABA Young Lawyers Help Hurricane Florence Victims
Legal Talk Network
... discussing details with attorney Dan Wade, coordinator of the Disaster Legal Services Program, and Alia S. Graham, program specialist for the ABA's Young Lawyers Division. Visit Ringler to contact a consultant in your area about structured settlements.

Big News Network (press release) (blog)

Have your say on medical negligence claims in public healthcare
Big News Network (press release) (blog)
The new State Liability Amendment Bill proposes scrapping lump sum settlements for medical negligence claims of more than R1 million and replacing them with a structured settlement plan with scheduled payments. Successful claimants will receive future ...

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