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Five Formulas for Committing to Success!

1. Clear vision + Intention + Purpose + Focus = Success! A vision is many things: the original blueprint of the successful outcome you desire, a thought picture turned into visual action, a full expression of you! If you are given a vision, then it is within your power to make it happen, if you choose. You would not have been given the vision without the ability to make it come true. Visions are so powerful, it is essential that you know exactly what you are visioning and why. Intention and purpose are partners. Your purpose, or mission, must also be very clear and firm. Your integrity is bound closely with this pair. If it is your intention to truly make your dreams materialize, then a commitment must be made to focus on the specific outcome you desire. Goal planning works well for focus. Make your goals realistic, specific and have a definite timetable for meeting your objectives.

2. Authenticity + Passion + Commitment = Success! Being authentic means that the real you is showing up all the time - in words, thoughts and actions. First - you are true to yourself above all. You are dedicated to knowing what you are all about - your integrity, passion, strengths, honesty and reliability. Knowing your values and acting in alignment with them are crucial to your authenticity. Passion is what stirs from within that motivates you - inspires you to get up each morning, eagerly, to continue working on a job or project that excites you to want to do more. Passion is the unique message that you want to bring to the world. Commitment is a "can-do" attitude. You want to accomplish something so intensely that you are willing to use whatever resources of time and energy to make it so! You have an unabiding passion to stay committed to your project until it is complete.

3. Spiritual Practice + Flow = Success! A spiritual connection is essential for the unlimited and energetic flow in moving forward on your journey to self-commitment and success. Webster defines 'spirit' as a "person's essential nature, an emotional state characterized by vigor and animation, strong loyalty or dedication." Spiritual practices may include everything from organized religion to pagan ritual and ceremony. Since there is no one universal definition that fits all, one must explore and define his or her own description. How does your spiritual path make a difference, not only in your own life, but how might it connect to a global flow of energy? Your personal definition of spirit is one of your own making, touching the honesty of your own soul. You get to choose how you wish to walk in this world and how you want to be connected to a higher source. A strong spiritual practice allows you to flow with a vibrational frequency that will energize and ground you on the 'success' journey.

4. Energy + Expectations + Perseverance = Success! Being energetic and creating reserves of energy are essential for success. If your energy is depleted, you do not have the stamina to carry out the plans for your success. One way to create energy is by taking extremely good care of yourself - even being selfish with your needs! If you support a healthy, energetic, life-affirming style, than you can continue working towards the expectations you have for yourself. One way to identify whether or not your expectations are realistic is to take a piece of paper and make two columns. On the left side, write your expectation. On the right side, write how you might accomplish that. You do have the ability to reach your own expectations, and each one of them needs its own plan. When you look at the columns, you may recognize that some of the expectations are not realistic and that in order for you retain your energy and persevere to the final outcome, the items may need to be adjusted. Perseverance is continuing firmly on your path, regardless of unexpected challenges. If you believe in yourself, and are committed to your processes, you will solve every conceivable quandary or roadblock that appears. You know what the rewards will be if you persevere with your plan.

5. Strong Mission Statement + Plan of Action + Focus = Success! Your mission in life is simply your purpose - and your purpose, your mission. You've heard the saying, "If you don't know where you're going, that's exactly where you'll end up - nowhere!" Mission statements act as a rudder for your entrepreneurial-ship. When you know exactly what you want and how you're going to get there, you can make better decisions along the way knowing that all of your steps must support the mission. If questions arise and you're not sure of the answer, or direction, look to your mission statement to see if it supports the quandary. OK, everything is in place: your vision is clarified, you're feeling passionate about the path you're on, you are connected to your own flow, you're energized and focused, your mission is clear and NOW - you're ready to execute the "plan"! Plans of action do not have to be ten pages long. Your plan is whatever you want it to be - however, you must have one if you want to proceed firmly on your way and reach the pinnacle of your success. A simple plan can consist of lists: i.e. your business name and legal entity (LLC, C or S Corp, sole proprietor etc.), accountant (essential for cash/flow analyses), your mission, administrative needs, budget, competitor research, services you offer, advisory team members...and so forth. There are hundreds of books on the market to help you specifically with business plans. The goal is to move into action at whatever pace you choose to set and keep a steady course to completion. Oh yes, focus again! You can have it all - one focussed step a time! copyright by Sharon Hooper, Commit To Your Success, LLC

Sharon Hooper is a businesswoman with 30 years of successful and award winning experience in many venues, including co-creation and ownership of a multi-million dollar record label. Sharon is passionate about helping others reach the success of their choice and offers telephone coaching, seminars and telegatherings. Sharon also provides retreats, for individuals or small groups, in the inspirational red rock canyons of Sedona, AZ. Sharon's website is

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