I Am Afraid Of Flying; You Are Not Getting Me A Light Plane

Boy I have heard it all from my friends. I am afraid of flying. I am afraid of heights. I do not trust you as a pilot; yah thanks? You are not getting me in a light plane, sober; fine have a drink? I am not joining the mile high club; well that is what she said at first? You are not getting me in one of those contraptions; they always crash. Over the years, I have heard every excuse. But each time I have over come their objections; all I hear is thank you and remember that time we flew over such and such or so in so's house? Just too funny really.

Look flying is fun, there is nothing that is more fun, it is as fun as sex and all pilots know that. It is exhilarating to fly over the harbor, your neighborhood, your employment; but the best is flying over a traffic jammed freeway and just sailing by at a couple hundred knots. Looking down and saying; "those poor suckers, just look at them, they look like a bunch of matchbox cars." Flying expands your world or horizons. It use to be said that a person's physical world really only extended one day's travel. As far as you can travel in a day; in days gone by that would be on a horse 50-65 miles. Later it was by car about 300 to 400 miles comfortably. Today if you have a pilot's license it would almost 1000 miles, think about it. Those who travel on business in corporate jets it expands their abilities and size of their horizons. Those who travel by airliners now do business in many countries in the world. Even China is only about 2-days a way by airliner, by the time you wait at the airports, fly and deplane. Yes, a real ass flattener, no doubt about it, but modern air travel has brought our world together and expanded our horizons.

Back to the; "I am afraid to fly," scenario. No you aren't you are simply fearing what you do not understand. Tell you what you need to do. Go up for an introductory flight, it costs under $100.00 and when you land you tell me if you are really afraid of flying. I know what your answer will be, do you? Expand your horizon and see for yourself. Think about it.

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