Success in Life and the Mystery of Focus

If you are wishy-washy and undecided about you want and go to see a very powerful person who knows exactly what he wants, he will get out of you what he is looking for since he is more focused than you.

Define your aim very clearly and know exactly what you want from the person you are about to meet. Most successful people are very focused and mentally concentrated on what they want and they steer those around them by force of their will to the direction in which they are going ? like a ship that has a charted course. You hop on it. The ship keeps on going in a charted course even if you may not notice it.

Those who are more focused on their goals mentally dominate others around them or they will not be successful. Hence the corollary: the strong rule the weak.

If you want to move in more than one direction, the successful person will notice this in an instant and will not waver a bit. The secret of success in a project is the focus and concentration of all our forces: physical, mental and spiritual on that particular goal until success if achieved. A scattering of our energies and resources in more than one direction at a time will lead to mediocre results in every goal pursued. It is like dancing a little, playing the guitar as a hobby, and acting as an extra in a film.

Since the energies of human beings are very limited, we must learn to focus them on one particular project at a time within a certain framework of time. All the leaders in business or industry are highly focused people and they have perfected the mental art of concentration. And that's what makes their aura or energy so powerful that anyone who comes within their close proximity feels the impact and is touched by it.

Learn to prioritize your desires and goals and then focus all your energies on one aim and you will succeed every time, provided you don't shift your mental focus before success is achieved.

Mr. Ostaro is a Premier Hindu Astrologer of New York City. He is the host/producer of the Ostaro Show (Time Warner and RCN Cable TV ev. other Fri and Sun in NYC). Listed in Who's Who in America , he is the author of "The Art & Craft of Success: 10 Steps" published by Svarg Syndicate Inc, NYC. A film maker, a media veteran, he frequently appears on radio nationally. He is a Toastmaster (ATM) and a Kentucky Colonel.

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