Purpose in Amsall?s Success Mindset Tripod

Here are the 3 elements of the "Purpose" leg in Amsall's Success Mindset Tripod ? :

1. Clarity of Purpose or Know Yourself

2. High Value of Purpose or Love Yourself

3. Unity of Purpose or Agree with Yourself


For thousands of years, both before and after Socrates, all human cultures have been repeating: "Know Yourself".

Self-awareness and self-discovery: the starting point of your personal self-growth campaign.

Now here is my take on "know yourself": The part of "know yourself" I am really interested in is "know what (or who) you want to be, or what you want to get".

To my mind, it is more important than knowing what (or who) you actually are.

It is essential for setting and achieving goals, etc.

Because ultimately, you are what you decide to be and you get what you decide to get .

Know what you want to be or what you want to have.

Consider this as a challenge that you must clearly define and take up!

Decide what you want to be or have, what changes you want in your life, where you want changes to take place etc.

Strangely enough, many people don't know what they EXACTLY want, or, which is the same, they find it very difficult to clearly define it.

Do they only realize that "a problem well posed is a problem half solved"?

Nobody should know you, your wants, desires, intentions etc. better that you do.

Always remember that on every thing that concerns your own life and what works for you,

"you and only YOU are THE EXPERT,

you are fully capable of achieving your goals"

Once you know yourself, you can set better goals, define your visions and desires, take more action towards the realization of your goals, make better decisions, and use your natural strengths more fully.

Focus on knowing your future, intended, desired self i.e. You must be very clear and specific regarding what you want to become and/or what you want to have and also why you want it so bad.

Also try to find out what exacly will happen to you once you get what you want, i.e. your emotions, the changes in your life, the impact on your life etc.


Whatever you may have heard to the contrary, it is very nice and healthy to have the highest opinion of yourself. According to Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler: there is scientific evidence that "The more you like yourself, the more you will accomplish, and the smarter and healthier you will be."

To which one of my mentors, the great Denis Waitley adds: "Realize that the most important opinion about you is the one that you hold. Ultimately, nobody else is responsible for your life but you. Nobody else is accountable for your actions but you. Therefore, nobody's opinion about you is more important than yours."

If you want to succeed in life, one paramount condition is that your opinion about you is high, even extremely high.

That is called high self-esteem, is an essential component of a positive self-image, and gives high value to your purpose.

You know you DESERVE to get whatever you want. And this gives high value and justification to your purpose.

Believe it or not, your can build the self-image you want, almost from scratch. You can literally acquire a given quality simply by AFFIRMING that you actually have that quality!

I can assure you that if you repeat it often enough to "internalize" it and impress (or imprint) it in you mind, you will acquire it. It will be yours, it will be part of YOU, an integral part of your personality.

If you find it difficult to love yourself as you are, why not build yourself a brand-new personality, with all the qualities you would find loveable!

Loving yourself means self-acceptance, self-pride, self-esteem, self-confidence, etc.


Who is the one and only person you cannot afford NOT to agree with?

Your spouse, your parents, your kids, the President (or Queen or King or Emperor), your boss, your employees, your friends, your colleagues, your religious or spiritual leader, your community leader?

None of all these!

There is one and only ONE person you MUST agree with if you want to be successful in life, whether healthwise, moneywise, or relationshipswise.

And that person is YOU!

Let me hasten to say that this has nothing to do with selfishness.

In fact, once you agree with yourself, you find it very easy to agree with anybody else.

Happy and harmonious relationships with other people (interpersonal) can only be built based on a perfect relationship with yourself (intrapersonal).

The same goes for "Know yourself" and "Love yourself".

Agreeing with yourself means serenity, peace of mind, self-control, integrity (your thoughts, words and actions are in seamless alignment), enhanced self-esteem, which result in self-reliance, self-confidence, responsibility, and accountability.

Also remember that trust, including self-trust and faith in yourself are based on integrity.

You only become "YOU" when your thoughts, actions, words, prayers, wishes are aligned, and that's when you get all you want.

Your purpose is laser-focused, there are no "internal contradictions", no doubts, no hesitation.

When you agree with yourself, you become a "concentrated" person, so concentrated that you are "heavier" than an ordinary person.

You become a magnet, people find you fascinating, charismatic, literally irresistible, and whatever you want, you just "go get it": You become a real "go-getter"!

Agree with yourself, and you'll have the door of Success wide open in front of you.

Unity of purpose is like having people pulling all in one direction.

Agreeing with yourself is another crucial element of your Success Mindset Tripod ?.


A 30+year experience - translator, teacher, traveler, musician, writer, plus crosscultural awareness, worldwide ancient spiritual traditions... Success Mindset Philosopher A.M.Sall helps you "be whatever you want to be and get whatever you want to get." http://www.health-beauty-wellness.com/psmt1.h tm

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