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I am my Fathers Daughter-An Optimists Viewpoint

One of the greatest compliments I ever received in my life was from my Step-Mom.

She said it in exasperation, and I know it was inadvertent and unintentional, but it made me glow with pride just the same when she said "You are just like your father"!

She was referring to my optimists outlook on life events. My dad is a great believer in "things working out". I am too! Eventualy bad situations always have a way of turning around- even if that takes hard work and divine

I am not sure why being an optimist can be interpreted by some people as being negative but I think in our case, it may have to do with us being perceived as Risk Takers. Dad and I are entreprenuers and for some folks, that can seem scary.

Dad and I believe in OUR own abilities to make things happen. The proposals or deals we come up with may not seem "safe" or conservative in some peoples view, but to an "optimistic entrepreneur" with some spunk and spirit- taking a slight risk that is based on ones ability to perform , seems safe enough to us.

Working for yourself can be a precarious prospect, and for those that like to know that they will have a paycheck at the end of the week,it can be downright scary. For the Optimistic Entreprenuer, waiving that security in favour of creating and developing one's vision, can hold an allure that a regular paycheck just doesn't provide. This has certainly been the case for me. I can't speak for my Dad but I think I can safely say, believing in one's ability to perform, staying optimistic and positive, is something I did learn at his knee.

Frankie's top 10 list on how to be an Optimist:

1.Believe that the only possible outcome is the one you want!

2.Consciously flip negative thoughts- check in with yourself to see where you are at

3.Smile and put a smile in your voice!

4.If anyone asks?You are always GREAT!

5.Expect the best out of people!

6.Act with enthusiasm!

7.Never dwell on negative events!

8.Have something happy in your pocket to use as a touchstone!

9.Be creative!

10.Stay curious!

For some people, being positive is a way of life, for others it is a habit, and for others still is can be a struggle but wherever you find yourself sitting on the positive fence scale -The benefits to believing that good things are coming your way, is the first step in attracting that which you are desiring.

Frankie Picasso is an Entrepreneur and Customer Service Expert who has spent the past 20 years in Marketing and Customer Service consulting for both Public and Private Sector organizations. She is now a Motivational Speaker, Certified Master Trainer Coach in Leadership and Executive Business Coaching as well as a Professional Certified Life Coach with her company called Conversation with My Shoes.

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