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Young Men Trying to Imitate the 9-11 Scenario, Part III

What caused a teenager to crash an aircraft into the Bank of America Building in Tampa? It makes no sense. Read more in Part III to try to understand the causes involved in this scenario.

This young many was not like everyone else, he knew it, and we failed to recognize his value to our society. We now have psychologist studying this act and his life. That is stupid. We are looking into his acne medicine, oh please? That acne may have led to his isolationism with his peer group, but not to this act of flying into a building. Without his peer group he needed to find something else. Yet what did we do for him in the days before the act? We shut down general aviation for fear of terrorists, he could not fly and there were no aircraft to wash, since no one was flying them. We made airport restrictions on general aviation hurting the boy's chances to get another free airplane ride in now and again. Less people flying their own planes thus less people to take him up. We hurt the flight schools cash flow and FBOs. Thus no way for them to allow extra flying time above what he could afford. Insurance went up thus costing more to fly a plane for an hour. And we are busy bailing out the airlines? What about the future of aviation? That is more important than quarterly profits and shareholders equity.

The real airline companies who care about their companies and are not looking only to manage stock, buy up weak competitors and consolidate, those airlines are giving customer service are doing fine. Look at South West. We should be very careful what we do, with regards to tax law changes, attacking groups like the CAP or Boy Scouts, and crippling industries because some stupid idiot congressman gets a photo-op on Hannity and Combs and says we should enact more legislation. After any event we make more laws. We do not need more laws, which stifle young men's ambitions. We do not need more laws which take the best of our species and break them down to be like everyone else, we do not need more laws to promote lawyers. Lawyers are the problem, don't you see. Legislators are the cause of the recession. We need less, not more. I heard one politician that said he was sponsoring a bill to make the age to get a pilot's license 21. Why? To protect who? He just wants to get more votes. I will be willing to help the person who runs against that individual. The liberals will say we need more laws to protect people. BS, those laws are so numerous the inadvertently are hurting our citizenry, our country, our strength as a world power and leaving us vulnerable to losing our pole position. Who will we protect if we enact more laws for American Citizen young student pilots? The license should be based on ability, not age. I had 100 hours flight time when I soloed at age 16. Quite in excess of the typical 10 hours most student pilots have at that time. I was extremely proficient at 14. At fifteen I was more than ready. So really the age should be lowered for special circumstances. And pilots licenses should be available at 16, not 17. But no matter what is done, we should not allow this one act to change aviation for young people, merely let it be a wake-up call for our support of the next generation, those who wish to strive and excel, let us listen and help them achieve, they will be what saves this incredibly screwed up human race.

You know it of serious interest to me that we spend so much effort on kids at risk and problem kids. Drug kids, kids who juvenile delinquents and other problems. We are so quick to help them with programs, Teen Challenge, DARE, all kinds of stuff and programs, events and fun. But the achievers are isolated simply by the fact that they are different. Only different in that they try harder or dream more. I am not saying that Teen Challenge, DARE or any of another dozen programs are not totally worthy efforts both in our time spent and the results yielded. But I do point out here and forever that we are simultaneously rewarding those who act out and are not following the program. But those who surpass the program we do not. Those who go beyond what normal kids do and try to exceed the normal realm of their social structure. Not all men are created equal as Thomas Jefferson eloquently said and probably did not mean it in these terms anyway. After all, in Jefferson's day you were only equal if you were a White, rich male, landowner so equal really did not fit his day or time either. Genetically speaking we are all different, quite different and frustration develops when we are all forced into the same mold. Some succeed at that which comes natural and others do succeed at what they are good at. Who are we to take the dreams of one young person away both from a social peer standpoint and a legal governmental licensing standpoint and then try to justify what we are doing. We say things like kids should not fly planes. All kids? That type of blanket statement is wrong. Henry Ford (read Ford Motor Company and Ford's Biography) did not need unions in his company, the workers were paid well, because he wanted it that way, also so they would buy cars, Likewise Fed Ex is non-union and everyone likes the program, because Fred Smith set up the company with workers able to have social groups (Read The World on Time) within their structures, departments and locations, and every level of management. So does IBM (read Big Blue) in there sales force and Xerox at PARC (read PARC Project) or on their sales teams (The Force). It works in business, yet with all of the great educators we have, we do not apply this to the raising of the next generation of superstars. The act of crashing an airplane into a building is not excusable, but it is a sign that something is terribly wrong here, and not just in the mind of a young man who upset at the world for total disregard of the individual. Of a world who does not act the way it portrays itself, yes life is tough, agreed. However, we should recognize and admit our faults and move towards correction of such.

End Part III

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