How to Succeed for the Rest of Your Life

I spoke recently with the owner of a large clothing store who had poured years of effort into his business. He had achieved his dream and built a successful career. However, his hectic pace was becoming difficult to maintain.

New interests were tugging at his heartstrings. He felt himself entering another phase of life. He wanted a change but didn't want to give up his successful lifestyle.

What would you do if you felt yourself heading for a major change? How could you play a big enough game to follow your heart and continue to succeed? Here are some ideas and questions to consider.

Welcome New Desires and Changes

You will feel new desires as your needs and values change over time. Welcome these desires as doorways to a compelling future. Your new interests are there for a reason. They keep you on purpose and allow you to live in harmony with your changing values.

What do you really want the most right now? Write down what will be thrilling about your future. See and feel your goals as if you had already obtained them. Let your desire for new accomplishments build and burn passionately within your heart. Welcome new desires with open arms.

Ask Yourself Meaningful Questions

Ask questions that will intrigue you and lead to self-discovery. For example, what, more than anything, determines the quality of your life? What are the most important things your past has taught you? What would bring you permanent success and satisfaction?

These revealing questions will bring insights and focus your mind to take action. A life-long curiosity about yourself will move you toward the fulfillment of your desires.

Update Your Knowledge

Curiosity also leads to learning. Read a variety of books by authors you have not read before. Become a student of ground-breaking ideas as well as accepted theories. What do you need to know that would allow you to pursue a promising new interest?

Continuous learning is necessary for continuous success - especially in today's rapidly changing world. Keep seeking new wisdom, and apply that wisdom daily.

Keep Great Company

Learn with friends and colleagues in an atmosphere of mutual support. Teleclasses provide an economical and enjoyable way to investigate current trends. Groups can discuss ways to interpret and apply the teachings of great books. Participants can examine new points of view as well as gain support and encouragement for their plans.

Supportive relationships with peer groups provide a positive influence and offer a wealth of learning and creativity through friendship and conversation. Where could you find the support to help you manifest your desires?

Create Some New Recipes

Use your knowledge to write some tantalizing plans to achieve your objectives. Think of your plans as recipes. Choose the ingredients carefully. Experiment with creative ideas and fresh approaches to reach goals.

Life-long winners dive beneath the surface of life's circumstances and appearances. They uncover new options and solve problems in original ways. They focus on creativity rather than competition. They create fortune from misfortune. What usually triggers your most creative ideas?

Capture Your Wisdom in Words

Record your knowledge in a journal. Include experiences, dreams, stories, poems, and quotes that inspire you. Keep track of successes and failures so that you will learn from both.

Writing will also trigger valuable new ideas. What is the first thing you would write in your journal today?

Revitalize Your Body and Spirit

Life-long achievers maintain physical and spiritual vitality. A healthy body reflects a healthy spirit. Prayer and meditation can revitalize the spirit. An appropriate physician-approved nutrition and a fitness program can revitalize the body. How could you begin raising your level of energy and vitality?

Feel Gratitude for Your Achievements

Acknowledge with gratitude all of your life situations - the desirable and undesirable. Then create a deep feeling of gratitude for your future accomplishments as if they were already achieved.

Gratitude strengthens faith. It allows you to choose the life scenario you want based on present-moment actions. You will manifest the possibilities for which you are sincerely grateful. What are you the most grateful for now?

Bring Your Gifts to the World

Your definition of success will evolve throughout life. Your perspective will shift from what you want to obtain to what you want to give. It is by using your talents and bringing your special gifts to the world that you will receive your heart's desires. What talents do you possess that you've never developed to their full potential?

You can succeed for the rest of your life if you honor your values. You will grow by welcoming new desires as a natural unfolding of your life's purpose. A spirit of sincere gratitude and giving will manifest those desires. Best of all, you can enjoy every step of the journey.

© Copyright by Steve Brunkhorst. Steve is a professional life success coach, motivational author, and the editor of Achieve! 60-Second Nuggets of Inspiration, a popular mini-zine bringing great stories, motivational nuggets, and inspiring thoughts to help you achieve more in your career and personal life. Get the next issue by visiting

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