Extend Your Influence Without Shortening Your Life

Please repeat these four words out loud:

"Maximum Impact....Minimal Touch"

Recently one of my former students took time out of his busy
schedule to share with me how understanding the meaning of
those four words changed his life.

I intend to lead you through a short series of action steps
designed to help you put into practice this "maximum
impact/minimal touch" principle for influencing others.


I would like you to think about maximum impact this way:

"The greatest help I can give to inspire, encourage or
assist someone in becoming the person *I know* they can
become -- in a way that doesn't kill me!"


List three people you know -- but not just anyone.
These folks...

*Must already listen to you -- at least to some degree.
*You must enjoy them.
*And, you must enjoy either helping them or growing
together with them in some area of life.

Write their names here -->



"How could I touch one or more of these people in a small

And remember, keep these concepts in mind while reflecting
on the answer to your question:


You could praise them for something done well, write a note,
spend a moment helping them accomplish a task, or stop and
listen for a while.

However, allow me to add a few more ingredients to this
unique recipe for influencing others.

Four ingredients to be exact.

1. Fun
2. Meaningful
3. Believable
4. Simple

The actions you decide to take should be fun for you,
meaningful to you, believable in your eyes, and simple to


List three ideas that fall within the guidelines just
presented to you.



Review your ideas.

Which one of the three causes you the greatest measure of
personal delight?

Circle it. (Yes, right now!)


The action you just circled: when could it take place?

Month ____________________

Date ____________________

Day ____________________


You know what you *could* do.
You know *when* you could do it.

Will you pick up the ball and run with it or not?

Yes or No?
Circle your answer.

I will assume you answered "Yes."


During our short time together you decided to craft a plan
for the purpose of inspiring, encouraging or assisting
someone you care about.

You designed a fun, meaningful, believable, and simple plan.

And that, my friend, defines in very practical terms the
meaning of -->

"Maximum Impact....Minimal Touch"

Yours for a day filled with beautiful moments in time


© Lee Wise All rights reserved. You may freely distribute
this article. The copyright and this resource box must be
included. http://www.empowerism.com/e/101290

Avoid pain/create pleasure. For A Beautiful Moment In Time
go here --> http://www.motivation-for-daily-living.net

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